Wizards win

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Wizards win

Wizards beat the best team in the NBA the thunder and by rule of the Kumite from Jean Claude's masterpiece "Blood sport" that makes the Wizards the best team in the NBA. No debate just stating facts....but a couple analysis first

Jan Vesely- I like how he keeps plays alive, the ultimate hustle man (not Tracy Morgan on Martin), real world comparison- blank man

Blatche- he reminds me of a less harmful clayface. The third cousin of the pills bury dough boy. Wears pillows around his stomach to soften the impact of people poking him.

Young- he hit some crazy shots but still is a hot cold guy, real world comparison- young Gohan

McGee- seems like the only one in sync with John, we miss turiaf dearly tho real world comparison- Mr bean

Everyone on the team is so inconsistent an it drives me mad.

Sn- Harden reminds me of alf

Also to me the thunder are a low post scorer away from a title

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Alf ? haha

Alf ? haha

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