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Flip Saunders: Trade the No. 1 pick? No chance

In case you were wondering if the Wizards are going to consider offers for the No. 1 overall pick in June's NBA draft, I asked Coach Flip Saunders that very question this morning.

"No, ain't going to happen," he said. "I know that going into the draft that's something that we never really even entertained, no matter where we were at, even if we weren't the number one pick. We were pretty locked in."

All indications are the Wizards will select point guard John Wall, especially considering Saunders's affinity for the position and the glaring need for a true 1. The Wizards had used Gilbert Arenas there to open the season. Then when he was suspended, they turned to Randy Foye and later Shaun Livingston, who was making a comeback from a gruesome injury.

Arenas remains on the roster after serving his sentence for bringing firearms into Verizon Center, and if Washington selects Wall, Arenas will be able to move back to his more natural position of shooting guard.

"He's one of the few point guards that has come out of college that is [an actual] point guard," Saunders said of Wall. "A lot of times when players come out of college, they're in a motion-type offense, and they just get rid of the ball, just kind of playing. They don't run a lot of pick-and-rolls, don't make a lot of decisions, where he's been a guy who's had as much enjoyment as far as giving assists to his teammates as he has scoring. He's almost a pass-first type of point guard that will make other people better."

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big shock

i never really expected them to anyway

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They would trade Pick for right price

If Sixers offer Iggy and the 2 they have to listen...Get a stud 2/3 in the mold of Caron and Draft either Turner or Cousins or Favors at with the 2...The Sixers would have to be in love with Wall and feel like he could either be scoring machine or savior to the franchise...They could be the team that puts it all on Wall...The Wiz steal the Sixers best player and number 2 pick for a star prospect that plays the same position as their troubled star....

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I dont think..

I don't think the sixers would trade Igoudala if they are not getting Turner. Wall is good don't get me wrong, but not better than Turner AND Igoudala put together. Maybe if the Wizards threw in Javale McGee or Nick Young...But why would the Wizards want Igoudala and Turner together? I don't think the sixers would either. I mean they would like them because they are both great players, but with many needs for both teams, there is no need to have an overflow of talent on the wing when you can use it to fill other voids.

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