Wiz rookies

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Wiz rookies

Can i get your opinion on how the Wizards looked in their first summer league game. How did Otto and Glen fair? As important, Vesely and Singleton?

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Wiz fan's opinion.

So this is my opinion from what I saw:

Singleton: Looked physically stronger and more confident, but was trying to force it too much because he knows he has to fight to get playing time let along make the team this year with all these Fs on the team (Him, Jan, Otto, Ariza, Webster) I think his size strength athleticism should earn him a spot on he bench this year but it's not for sure with that logjam.

Vesely: Played real good defense and hit those two shots.. which were forced. Looks athletic and a little stronger but again the competition is way less so I would be surprised if he earns any significant playing time. They were trying to feature him and Otto it seemed, but I don't think Jan will make much of an impact during the season. The fact is, no matter how shattered his confidence as last year, he just legitimately does not have NBA basketball skills. Dribbling, shooting, positioning. All he has is his size an athleticism at this point.

Glen Rice Jr: I thought he looked really good actually, hit a few nice shots and that nice dunk. He looked more confident than some of the other players, likely from his D-League experience. His athleticism only came across to me as average for an NBA wing player, because any NBA wing player should be able to hit open shots and dunk in an open lane. Hopefully he can build on that and I think should earn a role on the bench.

Otto: He was up and down, he started off great with those two jumpers but then kind of got lost. I noticed him chasing the play up and down the court a little, and he admitted before and after the game that he has a learning curve. Not exactly what I was hoping, I wanted to see him really shine, but he did show game changing potential on a few select plays he just needs to get comfortable. He only played public school high school ball and then 2 years of college, not much else, so as NBA ready as his skills are he has a longer way to go in terms of comfort, but he's smart and should progress each game.

Overall, their guard play kind of sucked, all the guys we are watching for are forwards. Hopefully they can get more opportunities in the rest of their games to show that they really belong on team (Jan, Chris, Glen) Otto is a lock because of where he was picked of course.

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