Wish Jared Sullinger would have taken Derrick Williams' advice

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Wish Jared Sullinger would have taken Derrick Williams' advice

After reading the article on this site that gives insight into why Derrick declared for the draft foregoing his Junior and Senior seasons. One of the top reasons was because even though he knew Arizona would be a good team with him that could challenge for the championship, he said "its not guaranteed that they win. Another team might just like what happened to Duke this year, when only one guy left." (Zoubeck)
Jared Sullinger's #1 reason for coming back for his sophomore season was because he wanted to bring the national title to Ohio State. This too is not a done deal even though you have Shannon Scott and Amir Williams coming over allowing Sully to play the 4 (his true position) instead of the 5. Especially when you have stacked and great team in UNC with Barnes, Henson, Zeller, Bullock, and Marshall all coming back joining two star studded recruits PJ Hairston and James McAdoo. The only way Ohio State has a chance at the championship is if 2 UNC players get hurt and are out most of the season. (Very unlikely)

If Jared Sullinger had realized this, as well as many other high draft picks who decided to come back, this draft would have been a lot stronger.

I am not saying that Sully was dumb to decide to come back. Not at all, it might be a very smart decision to come back. But to come back with your #1 reason being to win a championship, not a good reason, becuase its not guaranteed that you will win a championship. I respect his decision but I think he needs to take into account that he may not ever win a championship with Ohio State. If this truly is his #1 goal than we might see Sullinger stick around till his Senior season without the championship in his hands! Sully might not come out until 2014 just because his #1 goal is to win a championship. This is not a bad goal but that goal may not be possible because other college teams will have strong recruiting classes and good prospects choosing to come back.

Note: this was not Sully's only reason for coming back. Another one was he would able to play his true position the 4 in college and show scouts what he can do there. But I don't that was his #1 reason. It sounds like his #1 reason is to bring a championship to Ohio State.

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To say UNC is going to win no

To say UNC is going to win no matter what is pretty ignorant. They maybe the favourites but there are many other teams that cannot be written off that easily, including the team that eliminated this year Kentucky.

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True, Oh Canada, but I highly

True, Oh Canada, but I highly doubt any team could stop this lineup

  • Marshall/Strickland
  • Barnes/Hairston
  • McAdoo/Bullock
  • Henson
  • Zeller

Even though Kentucky, Baylor, Ohio State, Texas, Arizona, Duke and other college teams all have strong recruiting classes and good players coming back, I don't think anything could stop the train of UNC at full speed.

I really think that if Sully's main goal is to bring a championship to Ohio State he might stay there until his Senior season and then still not win a championship. He might not accomplish his goal! Very possible. Still not a bad decision to return but I think he should have thought it out a little more instead of just deciding right after they lost to Kentucky to come back.

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If u ask me I think anybody

If u ask me I think anybody who was going Lotto this year Sullinger, P.Jones etc. also knew the possibility of a potential NBA lockout for one you will be drafted but with no pay, for two once you enter the draft thats the end of your college basketball career so your only choice maybe a year over seas or wait till the lockout is over. Alot of these guys who were flirting with signing a agent are not dumb at all they knew what was going on, so with that being said in a weak draft thats why you have guys coming out this year to try there luck with scouts and teams no longer looking at some of the big names who decided to stay...guys like for example Jereme Richmond Lotto in a year or 2 but potentially 2nd round - undrafted this year..??????

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Good decision by Sullinger

Good decision by Sullinger even though he would have went lotto and from what i have read alot of scouts liek the decision as far as his long term future because they wanna see him get his body into better shape and show his jumper more. From what I've read scouts aren't worried if he will be able to produce at the next level

Another thing is alot of things can happen during the lock out, these kids are not just gonna sit and workout , they are gonna have the itch to play ball and that may be at the local gym where they may end up playing with crash dummies who end up injuring them.

For Jones, Barnes,, Sullinger the NBA is gonna be there and there stock can stay the same or get higher. Williams stock isn't gonna get any higher then it is now, same with Kemba. They have no where else to go but down

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I didn't say it was a bad

I didn't say it was a bad decision that Sully stayed. I just said that if his #1 reason truly was to bring a championship to Ohio State. Than that's a bad #1 reason, cuz he may never get that championship.

I respect his decision and I too think it was a good decision for him to stay, but if his #1 reason is what I said above then that would be bad reason. But this in no way reflects that it was a bad decision for Jared Sullinger to stay.

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Are you saying that you

Are you saying that you should never have a goal or try to do something unless it is guaranteed? I like the goal of trying to win a national championship. Of course there is no guarantee. And yes there is a guarantee of a paycheck if a guy like that comes out (eventually, though the lockout might delay the check). But you only get one life and you also only get a few years to play college ball. Part of this life is the journey not the cash accumulated. So Sullinger may be loosing out on another year in the NBA and also the money that comes with it. I think he will have enough money for this life whenever he comes out. And now he will get another chance to put his stamp on the college basketball world.

Putting aside all this feel good life is a journey stuff, one reason that Sullinger went back is that he has a chance of playing himself into a top 5 selection. Then he would probably make more guaranteed money even though he would potentially loose a year of his NBA career.

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Anybody can win

@wardb12 Just because North Carolina is absolutely stacked on paper doesnt mean they will win it all. Thats why they play the games. All it takes is one bad game in the tournament and they could get knocked out. A lot of times the best team on paper isnt the one to win the championship.

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If Sullinger's goal is about

If Sullinger's goal is about money and being drafted with the highest possible pick, then he definitely made the wrong decision. This draft is so weak that Sullinger is a lock for a top 5 pick.

Next year draft looks so deep that Sullinger may fall to late lottery if he does not manage to improve and a few other guys upping their draft stocks.

I think Sullinger should definitely listen to Glen Davis. Glen Davis was in a similar situation. Very productive as a sophermore and got his team to the final four along with Tyrus Thomas. He decided to stay in school for a year and got screwed over because:

1) He didn't appear to improve on his weaknesses (which is tough because his fitness was the biggest weakness)

2) LSU was bad in his junior year

Glen Davis basically didn't regress but didn't improve much either. Since he's one year older, the upside is not as high as before and his draft stock dropped. Glen was also in a situation where 2006 was a weak draft (could have been a 1st round pick) and 2007 was a much stronger draft. He was the victim of staying too long in college.

I do praise that Sullinger's winner mentality. He's very into winning and trying to return to win is a great personality.

I doubt OSU can win next year though. Kentucky got a very strong freshman class. UNC got talent at every position. At OSU, it's all about Sullinger.

I do think if any college players who are ready to play in NBA should try to come out this year because this is the year when most players could be taken 10 spots early compare to a regular draft.

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I'm glad sullinger is staying

I'm glad sullinger is staying beacause I think he was overrated, and by him staying all the scouts will realize it.

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