Winning, loyalty or immortality?

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Winning, loyalty or immortality?

I don't know if anybody has posted this yet, but has anybody read this article by Bill Simmons? It's long (as usual when it comes to Simmons), but it's an "amaze-ing" read. Check it out.

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I love this article

Simmons is opinionated I like his writing he keeps it real.
I never taught of comparing Lebron to Dr. J, but they do have similarities.
Lebron is a better passer and bigger but as far as mentality.
He it the button when he wrote Bron wants to amaze people and Kobe wants to show his greatness.
this is what really keeps Kobe from comparing to MJ and Bron from taking the torch from Kobe.
He Lebron is the best all around talent in the NBA right now if he had kobe will to destroy he would have won
3 chips by now. That year when the lost in the finals and the last two year.
The man is a 6 foot 9 guard that can pass the ball and do everything on a court except shoot with consistency.
He should be abusing people down low but he rather play with the ball on the outside crossing people.
He is not built like that and thats why he loses in the playoffs.
Who on the Spurs that year could have stopped Bron, he can get his numbers but it the way he gets them that
leads him to lose those game he need to enforce his will.

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That was a great read. I

That was a great read. I really liked the part at the end when they talk about how a player is defined by the one word used to describe them. Because it's true in alot of cases. You saw with the Celtics in 2008, all of those guys were focused on winning, but with players like LeBron and Barkley (Simmons said his word would be fun, lebrons amaze) who's priorities might not be that ambitious haven't had great success. I know that doesn't go for every player, but it was still something to think about.

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