Winners and Losers

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Winners and Losers

Who do you guys think are the winners and losers of the draft?

My clear cut winner is the Thunder. I think they just completed their starting lineup through drafting Harden and Mullens. But Mullens will need some time to develop behind Krstic.

My loser is the Pacers. I thought they could have traded down a bit to get Hansbrough.

What are your thoughts?

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i totally agree...

OKC is the real winner here. They got Harden that could contribute right away plus they got Mullens that goes perfectly with their young core.
While in the 2nd round I think the winners are the Spurs for getting Blair to play alongside Duncan, and the Rockets getting Budinger, a steal, plus those other perimeter player they bought.

Maybe you're right the INDIANA but I know Hansbrough is a good player and could fit well with the Pacers but for 13th pick? I think it may be a reach.
But the pick that is intriguing for me is the 5th and 6th pick by the Wolves? Drafting 2 PG it just don't make sense especially Curry is still up the board, I just hope there is some trade that might happen or I just hope I'm wrong about the two picks being a bad move.
2nd round? I don't know a lot would be stash for a year or two overseas and others might not even make the roster.

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losers Minnesota Drafting 4


Minnesota Drafting 4 point guards tonight in Flynn, Rubio, lawson, and Calthes. I knew I was kidding myself when I began to have faith in this franchise

Memphis drafting Thabeet over rubio. Just terrible.

Chicago taking Johnson, Gibson over Blair.

Indiana taking Hansbrough over Mullens.

Oklahoma drafting Beabouis is huge, but trading him? Imagine him and Ibanka coming off of the bench for this squad. Should have bought a pick to draft a point guard.

Cleveland for drafting a player post the lebron era. How do you pass up on Dajaun Summers at 30?


Detriot had a solid draft class in Daye, Jerbko, Summers, Budinger.

Portland getting Claver, Pendegraph, and Patty Mills? Just wow.

Boston for takng a shot on lestor hudson. He could turn a lot of heads.

San Antonio for taking a low risk high reward on blair. He will immediately start at power forward from the get go.

Phoenix taking Earl Clark at 14.

New York snagging up Jordan Hill and Toney Douglass. If hill plays the 5 his numbers are going to be scary in that system.

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Naw i agree with the bulls

Naw i agree with the bulls decision bcuz they like to shoot and run and blair cant do neither

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knicks win!

i don´t see why anyone of the fans will be unhappy with the jordan hill pick?!
i think they were very lucky he fell to them and who should they take otherwise?
i think he is a great pick at 8 and it would have been a terrible mistake to not draft him!!!!

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Biggest loser Twolves


Clips - this guy has talent, athleticism, character, good work ethic maybe he can help turn it around for them.

Memphis - had a good draft w/front court guys, Thabeet could be like Camby, other picks have potential too.

OKC - Good picks with Harden, Mullens future is bright.

Kings - passed on Rubio, Flynn for a guy who can defend maybe thats why should've taken Rubio but got Sergio Rodriguez so all in all it was a good draft.

Knicks - thrilled Knicks got Jordan Hill first 6'10 PF in ages, good bye overrated David Lee, 2nd pick is a combo guard not bad can back up Duhon till 2010 where Nash probably comes.

NJ Nets - one of the smartest teams getting rid of Carter for potential star in Lee, back up pg Alston, Battie just filler, Terrence Williams is athletic, can defend and rebound. Other Gm's should watch the Nets rebuild all smart moves.

Suns - Rebuilding good pick with Clark finally Kerr does something right

76ers - good move taking Holiday at 17th can play pg, sg, he's raw but has good upside and talent to replace Miller.

Hawks - got Teague after trading for Crawford good moves, 2nd round pick i have no idea.

Blazers - I can't go through all these trades & picks I trust their G.M. i'm sure he made some good moves got Mills, Claver

Houston - got 2 good shooting guards

Spurs - another team that gets it going for it all Blair will help right away other guys probably projects but Spurs usually draft well


Twolves - got lucky as Rubio falls to them & then they draft Flynn thats a slap in the face of both these guys.
Kahn get a clue draft a SG/SF or trade the pick. With Lawson whats the purpose of trading the pick why not draft a front court guy unless Etan Thomas and Songalia really impress you.

Warriors - I never know what Nellie is doing but to have 2 small guards start makes lil sense.

Bucks - wasted of 10th pick the guy is overrated anyhow they need a Sf, Pf and Sessions is a good pg already.
not drafting a need or best player available terrible.

Pacers - Tyler H is a good player but at 13 u want sum 1 with better potential, 2nd round pick should be good player

Jazz - they need a lot SG/SF, PF depth and they take a pg to back up Deron Williams I don't get it. 2nd round Euro shrug

Hornets - Collison again they need a lot and they take a pg not sure why you draft a back up, though way things are going Paul will want out soon.

Bulls - again they take wrong big man Gibson why did they pass on Blair, Ellington, Summers, Budinger, Young, Mills?

Cleveland - once again missing the boat, trying to win the title drafting a project so many better players out their

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The wolves suck

I like Jefferson so I feel bad for him. He is ready to be on a contender now and he is stuck on this garbage franchise. That was the dumbest move to take all those points. They drafted like a 17 year old kid. Mchale would have done a better job.

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OKC: Harden will fit in very well and got a solid centre (filled needs).
HOU: Started with nothing/ended up with two good prospects in Taylor and Budinger.
ORL: Added a clutch scorer/young pf for Battie (old), Rafer (not needed with meer/AJ), C Lee (good prospect/not VC)
POR: Mills (biggest steal) other role players who add depth.
GSW: Got Curry who may be traded for star otherwise will be star.
DEN: Solid back up pg for basically nothing.


DAL: Basically drafted poorly with projects instead of solid options Beaubois and Calathes.
SAC: Evans will be Ok but the other picks werent great IMO Brockman???
MIA: Beverly and Dozier (only low picks but better options available).
LAL: Could've added much needed depth at SG/SF with 29th pick.
CLE: Wasted first rounder on no name when Blair and several other decent 2nd rounders were available.
IND: Shouldn't have taken Price before Mills and could've traded down and got Hansbrough.
DET: Why take Daye so high? and then pass up on Budinger a steal that late?

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Dionte Christmas & Patty

Dionte Christmas & Patty Mills Weren't Drafted......This Is Weird!!!

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Pistons FAIL

I don't see how this is a win for them. Yes, they made 3 solid 2nd round picks, but they really took 4 small forwards. I have no idea what Joe D is doing to this franchise. Then they trade Budinger??? I am at a loss.

OKC killed it. I now have a new squad to root for.

And I think Minn could have drafted at least 2 more pgs.

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