Williams for Sessions?

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Williams for Sessions?

ESPN has an insider post about a possible Marvin Williams for Ramon Sessions trade. Here are some quotes from the clip.

Bob Finnan of The News-Herald mentioned there is a rumor going around that would see Ramon Sessions go to the Atlanta Hawks for Marvin Williams.

Finnan writes: "Don't totally discount it, however, because Williams has announced he wants to be traded, and Cavs GM Chris Grant was the one who drafted him in Atlanta."

This trade would also allow the Hawks to get under the luxury tax line, so it's possible some form of this deal could get done by March 15.

This sounds like a completely made up story (probably from a Cleveland reporter). Why would the Hawks want Sessions? Jeff Teague is their future and there is zero sense in trading Marvin for a third PG. If this happened it would have to be part of something bigger.

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Could it be possible that they flip Sessions or Hinrich to the Lakers as part of a 3 team deal?

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Possible three team trade?

That's what I'm thinking FireKahn. If Sessions does go to the Hawks, its probably because the Hawks want someone to challenge Teague for the starter spot or they just want a better backup than Hinrich. (He hasn't been doing that great since he got back from his injury. Personally I don't like this trade because I think Sessions is a starter in the NBA, but as previously stated Teague is the designated starter at the point for the Hawks so Sessions would likely back him up. Leaving Hinrich as the odd man out. He certainly shouldn't be a third string PG so, a third could possibly involved and that third team would get Hinrich. What I'm wondering though is who would start at SF for the Hawks? Could we possibly see Joe Johnson slide to the 3 and T-mac start at the two or Willie Green? Or are the Hawks thinking of starting Teague and Sessions together in the backcourt? Could the Hawks get a third team involved in this deal that would send a SF to them? (Possibly the Jazz including Miles or the Lakers including Metta World Peace.) Also who will be the backup PG for the Cavs. Could that third team also need to send a PG to the Cavs to backup Irving?

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The only reason

The only reason I would think this trade has any basis on fact is that the Cavs have been open about having an interest in Williams for some time now. This does not make sense for the Hawks though so there would have to be a 3rd team involved.

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I like Sessions I really do,

I like Sessions I really do, but I do not want him at the expense of Jeff Teague losing time, I mean how many times can you bring in a new PG when you have a perfectly fine one just wasting his potential away. Last year around deadline we made a VERY dumb trade and all we have to show for it is a less explosive-less defensive Kirk Hinrich. If the Hawks never made that trade we'd still have Jordan Crawford and a first pick that could've got us a good player.

This orginaztion is very confusing and also very irritating, its like they have some sort of grudge against Jeff Teague and I don't know why. And again, I know Sessions is a good player but how does adding another PG make us ANY better, even if Lakers were involved and we gained MWP how does that make us ANY better? Marginal improvements mean nothing, but it seems like all the orginazation cares about.

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