Will there be another...

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Will there be another...

Just wondering if there will be another U19 or 20 USA team for the fiba tournament this summer like the one last year. Players who played on last years team (Jeremy Lamb, Meyers Leonard, Patric Young, McDermott) have all expanded their games and I believe playing in that tournament was one of the reasons why. So just wondering if anyone knows if there will be another FIBA tournament with college players (freshman).

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1:51 was just downright nasty

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I hope so. I'd love to see

I hope so. I'd love to see guys like Cody Zeller, Amir Williams, Johnny O'Bryant, Chane Behanen, Quincy Miller, James McAdoo, Moe Harkless, Kentavious Caldwell, BJ Young, Trey Burke, Ryan Boatright play for Team USA if they don't come out for the draft this year

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