Will Sheehey

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Will Sheehey

Always thought him and Victor Oladipo had the most NBA potential after Zeller but why doesn't Will get any love?

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As a diehard IU fan, I love

As a diehard IU fan, I love Sheehey. He and Oladipo deserve nearly as much credit as Cody Zeller for instilling a winning mentality in the program with the way they both have worked in the offseason. In terms of him getting more love, this is probably the year where his name really jumps into the mix as a draftable player after next season. He's only a junior, and was a 6th man year ago who started really well before struggling with consistency a bit.

He's a very good athlete with a terrific motor and a very good mid range jumper. His game isn't that pretty but it's efficient and he's totally fearless. His ballhandling is a major weakness at this point. His 1 on 1 offense pretty much rests on the ull up jumper. he'll be on a preseason roster, and I could see him making a team in a couple years. Whether he sticks initially will be largely circumstantial, as it is for so many guys.

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