Will Jordan Hill Drop

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Will Jordan Hill Drop

I think he will fall the wizards but i keep hearing will fall further. What do yall think

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I think j hill drops to G.S. at 7. I think he would drop even farther if the was more bigs in the draft. Due to lack of big men I dont see him dropping past 7.

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I could see him dropping to

I could see him dropping to Milwaukee but that is as far as he can drop.

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weird draft overall. Alot of

weird draft overall. Alot of teams who should trade out of their picks so it could lead to some players falling.

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He will fall, but not beyond

He will fall, but not beyond 10.

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Hey dwat

I'm with you, a lot of teams don't need the likely best player available at their spot - so logically there should be some trades..

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Jordan Hill

Ya I could see him slipping to New York. With David Lee possibly leaving in the summer Hill would be a solid replacement.
He`s why he won`t go earlier
LAC: obvious reasons
Mem: Thabeet is a better big man
OKC: Jeff Green
Sac: Hawes and Thompson
Was: Antawn Jamison
Min: Love and Jefferson
GS: Wright, Turiaf, and Randolph

It makes sense that he falls to the Knicks

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Maybe he could drop to New Jersey

He seems a good compliment to Brook Lopez.

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He is not good enough for

He is not good enough for the Knicks to bypass better players. He is still to raw. Bosh comparison are not accurate.

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pirate jp

Your crazy some of those trades dont make sense why would washington give up 3 players and the #5 pick for ray allen? a veteran clearly on the downfall of his career...? That would be utterly ridiculous i think.... Jrue Holiday #8 pick? Highest he gets picked is somewhere around 20 or late teens...Jordan Hill wont drop past washington he has way too much potential and washington has been lookin for someone other than haywood to play in the post.. Washington can be successful much like orlando because they have Jamison and Butler who i would take over turkoglu and Lewis on any day and Orlando doesnt utilize Howard like they should and that got them to the finals... Jordan hill can come in and average nice minutes for them and could even turn into a star in his 2nd year....That Chicago and minnesota trade? My guess is ur a big minnesota fan and u wanna see them just get everyone in this draft? lol.... Wayne Ellington Droppin to # 20? We do agree on one thing tho Toney douglas to the lakers... He could really be the point guard of their future he has excellent size and potential for a guy that most people have as mid 2nd rounder....Someone has to back up kobe.....So you think Danny Green Can fill those shoes? hahahahahah No comment....Robert Dozier at SF? hes definently not that hes a weak PF prolly wont ever make a pro team.....Taj Gibson droppin to 46? And Everyone Mark this down Jeremy Pargo Will be picked alot higher than most people think I think alot of teams love his big body for a pg and could be developed Much like Jameer Nelson was with Orlando not really effective right away but will Eventually blossom

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that Bos-Was trade

I forgot to mention (mentioned it when I first put it out there - just forgot this time) that trade isn't mine, it comes straight from - I knew the Wizards want to move the pick for a vet, so I just went with the most likely thing I've heard so far. It seems the consensus doesn't agree.

You could be right about Pargo, I kind of forgot about him & slapped him on at the end. My next mock will look much different & will be truer to what I think will actually happen. Like I said before, this was more about what I thought (at the time) people should do, not what they will. But Pargo could certainly go a bit higher in that one.

Oh, and trust me - Holliday does not go in the 20s. He may not go at 8, but he doesn't fall that far.

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Youre saying Hill isnt good enough for The Knicks? Let me say that again, The Knicks Better players? What are you talking about? This draft is hurting in the BIG's department and most teams now draft BPA. He wont fall out of the top 8, you guys saying otherwise are crazy.

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