Will Cherry

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Will Cherry

I saw this guy listed in the second round of the 2013 draft. I've never seen him play, but I know he just came back from a foot injury. Is he a legitimate NBA prospect (overrated/underrated), and does he have a chance of becoming anything more than a fringe player in the league? He seems like an interesting player to me, based solely off of his stats, and a couple of youtube videos. Do you guys know anything about him?

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I have seen him play in one

I have seen him play in one game. Last year in the Big Sky championship game against Damian Lillard and Weber State. I was really watching the game to see Lillard play, but they were also taking about Will Cherry and that was the first time I have ever heard of him. I don't have much to say, but no one else was commenting on your post so I thought I would say something. From what I saw in that game he looked to a pretty decent scorer with good defensive instincts as well. He looks a little short, but projects well as a point guard and has a pretty decent build to him. I would like to see more of him as well, but Montana is not on T.V. much, so we might have to wait for the conference finals to see him again.

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