will agent zero be traded?

i see b4 the all star weekend

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He should be traded. They

He should be traded. They need to build this franchise around Wall, Blatche and McGee. I see them trying to get him minutes in the first half in order to get his trade value up. It'll be interesting to see who may be interested in him.

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who wants him and his

who wants him and his contract

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Gil is my favorite player,

Gil is my favorite player, but I think that the Wizards should trade him. After watching John Wall in the SL, I saw that he always had the ball in his hands and him and Gill are both ball-dominant guards and Gil might not let John do his thing and might stunt his growth.

Plus, he has a terrible contract. Before they made all the trades last season, the Wizards were in a cap mess, but now they have a bunch a cap space and if they get rid of Gil, we would have enough money to sign two max free agents. The way I see it, they're going to have to trade Gil eventually.

I love Gil and he's my favorite player, but I think the best thing for this team would be to trade him. But if we don't get a good deal, just keep him and see if it's going to work out.

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I predict him going to the

I predict him going to the Pistons for a package deal with prince and hamilton

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