Wiggins, Randle, Parker... Embiid?

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Wiggins, Randle, Parker... Embiid?

I haven't had a chance to catch Joel Embiid's full game, but the highlights are... wow!

He really should stay in college for AT LEAST two years. Probably more. But that fluidity, size, and wingspan are worth writing home about.

If he mistakenly jumps into the draft next year, isn't he worth consideration among Randle and Parker? Obviously, those are highly developed players comparatively, but if you want to develop a player over time, Embiid might be worthy of a substantial pick. No?

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He is most likely not even

He is most likely not even KU's starting center with Tarik Black on that team now. No way I see him as a OAD. Embiid will be one of the top prospects after his sophomore season, but even as a KU fan, it would be foolish to take him right now over Randle or Parker. Embiid is just not ready at all, he has been playing ball for 2 years and watching him play you can see that be is uncoordinated and raw. The potential is there of course and with Bill Self's track record of developing players, Kansas was a perfect fit.

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I was going to make a thread

I was going to make a thread on this guy earlier but decided not to. The fact he also has a jumpshot is also a plus. He'll definitely stay for his sophomore year as he probably won't even start as a freshman, he'll probably even opt to stay for his junior season so he can continue to improve his game.

I think when he gets into the league he again won't start immediately but could be an all star in the future and as a player I hope he has a successful career.

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I think that if he declares

I think that if he declares for this years draft he'll be at least a top ten pick, its not often you get his combination of size, length, athleticism and coordination.

The fact that he can dunk between his legs at 7 foot is scary.

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i feel like he could have a

i feel like he could have a thomas robinson type career @ KU..only difference is people actually know who he is before he gets to kansas as opposed to robinson

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Pitino and the scores of other talent evaluators saying embiid is one and done know the game of basketball. There aren't even 2 better center prospects in the country. Anybody who knows anything about draft history knows starting for a college team has ZERO impact on where a player is selected let alone whether he declares or not. Dude is legit, as scouts and coaches have been saying for months...

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Embiid is a classic example

Embiid is a classic example of a big who is still new to the game. He has barely played competitive ball for 4 years. That being said every coach of his raves about his interest in basketball and will to get better, which is an important factor. There have been so many bigs who have simply not liked playing basketball. (Stromile Swift comes to mind).

He is a special talent that I wouldn't pass up on. I may even skip on Randle just because Embiid's size would translate better to the league.

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