Wiggins (continues) Mulling Re-Classification

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Wiggins (continues) Mulling Re-Classification

USA Today article by Jim Halley (also posted it in "News" section of the site, and amongst the tons of Andrew Wiggins articles one might find on his site profile):

2014 Top Recruit Mulls Reclassifying

Yes, this has been talked about for a long time and this article just adds more fuel to the fire. His coach Rob Fulford says Andrew is taking eight classes per day, which probably signifies an intention to graduate as soon as possible. From Andrew himself (sitting next to him at the Hoop Summit while he was being interviewed by Aran), it seems like he is actually fine with staying in 2014. Just seems like things are pointing to him going to the next level, as everyone believes he is ready.

Andrew seems to like high school, he has a gf who is Top 25 in the Class of 2014 for women's basketball and according to the Kentucky Kernels article that could come into consideration with his decision. Just wanted to drop this latest article as I know people will probably be talking about it in anticipation. Looking forward to Andrew's decision as to whether he is 2014 or 2015. Draft, that is.

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