Wierd MVP question

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Wierd MVP question

How many games do you have to play to win an MVP award?

If say a player plays an absolutely terrific season, like 35 ppg, 6 rpg, 6 apg, but plays only 50 games due to an injury and his team comes top 5 in the league, would he win the MVP award?

Lets say the next best player had a 26,5,5 season but played 81 games and his team came first in the league?

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IMO you can't miss 15+ games.

IMO you can't miss 15+ games. If you aren't on the floor, you aren't that valuable.

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The second player would get

The second player would get it and we would be talking about "how often does the mvp actually go to the best player?"

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Fewest Games by an MVP

In a non-lockout season (thought you were gonna get me, huh? lol), would I believe be Bill Walton in 1977-78, with 58. I agree M-Dymes, you have to be on the court to be valuable, but this guy was ridiculously valuable. They were coming off of an NBA Championship, and they were 50-8 in the games Bill played in. They ended the season at 58-24. So, I think winning is the real key, and if a player were to lead their team to an amazing record, like 50-8, than the team goes down in flames afterwards, it shows you are valuable.

So, I guess my answer says that it truly depends on the circumstance, but a player has indeed won the MVP playing less than 67 games. Truly, there is no limit to the amount of games one HAS to play to win MVP, but it certainly helps to have a healthy season. I believe Shaq more than likely would have won multiple MVP's had he not had some years where he was in the 60's as far as games played. While there is no limit, optimally, over 70 games is usually the magic number, plus it helps if your team has a great record.

To answer your hypothetical, I would say if your players team went 44-6 or somewhere in that area, than I believe they would be in definite consideration for the award. Luckily, we probably will not have this conundrum, as people who tend to score that many points per game are generally on teams that suck. The highest scoring average in a year by a player whose team won the NBA Finals was 32.5 ppg by Michael Jordan. I think ultimately, it helps to play somewhere in the 72-76 range at the least to take home the MVP.

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55 games

I believe the minimum is 55 games to qualify.

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Well, If someone averages 80,

Well, If someone averages 80, 30 and 20 playing 45 games..............

And I absolutely agree with MikeyV and Mdymes. Unless you have a ridiiculous impact tot your team, you should have to play 73-76 some odd games.

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I mean if this only played 50

I mean if this only played 50 games and his team finished in the top 5 he must have not been that valuable to the team.

But I also think he doesnt have to have a ridiculous impact because what if he plays a year when the MVP award is up for grabs kinda like how the AL MVP is this year

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