Why would anyone want Arenas?

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Why would anyone want Arenas?

Obviously the Wizards wish they could get rid of Gilbert but he is under contract and it cannot be voided. Why would anyone want a player who put his team in danger to lose or physical danger because of his actions. Doesnt anyone remember why the Wizards changed their name. Anyone who knows the history knows why they arent the Bullets anymore. There are so many good young point guards out there cheap why would someone want him. And i didnt even get into his injury problems

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The owner didn't like the

The owner didn't like the name Bullets because it sounded too violent and Washington had a high rate of shooting deaths.

Something like that.

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nice joke but i think any team in need of a perimeter scorer would gladly take on arenas. i mean i see nuthing wrong with washington but gilbert could be a excellent 1 2 punch with a good big man.If bosh was 2 stay in toronto i think it would be a good fit.....even if he doesnt

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