why lebron aint goin nowhere

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why lebron aint goin nowhere

First of all, I would like to announce that I have changed my name from donttradechandler to dontarrestchandler. I think we all know about his whole drug misdemeanor thing. Im pretty sure nobody cares and Im gonna end the night with negative points. But who cares, it doesnt matter anyways.

Second, If you dont know, Im 100% against the idea that lebron will be playing in a jersey different from the cavs own. And last week, when they lost, i thought he might have left at that moment. But i think lebron is not an idiot or a guy who gives up easily and will stay in cleveland. so what if they lost. So what if delonte west was giving it to his moms during the season (he might have been doing west's moms, who knows). Lebron will give cleveland a chance because of not only loyalty, but because i think he owes cleveland something. I bet that if he won a title in cleveland, a city that winning comes as often as haley's comet, they will rename that city lebronville. i do acknowledge, however, that if he does resign with the cavs , it wont be for long. he will probably sign for like 3 years. but he'll give them a chance, considering how close theyve been. so, give me reasons why he wont come back.

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the core of his team is old, and are not going to get that much better.

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Lebron is leaving. He will

Lebron is leaving. He will never win a ring in Cleveland and he now knows it . Cleveland does not get support from free agents. They have limited options in getting guys there and right now before Miami, Chicago, and maybe even NJ overtakes Cleveland, they have the 3rd best team in the East. The West is crazy good so what would Lebron need to do to not only over take Boston who is showing their innner Spur and not falling over even though their age says otherwise. Orlando is still more talented and deeper and younger so they should stay ahead of Cleveland.

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