Why isn't Kendall Marshall playing?

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Why isn't Kendall Marshall playing?

Does anybody know why Kendall Marshall isn't playing in this summer league game?

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Yeah this game is pretty dull

Yeah this game is pretty dull neither side has much in the talent department *sigh*

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he hasnt signed his contract

he hasnt signed his contract yet. at least thats what i read on twitter:

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rick_bonnell Kendall Marshal isn't playing for Suns today because his contract isn't signed. Eric Gordon offer sheet gumming up that process.

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I really don't know why Marshall isn't playing, and it is very disappointing to me. He is one of the smoothest passers college basketball has seen for quite a while, and I was looking forward to seeing him create offense for others.

In other news, Markieff Morris is looking great, yet again. He was really one of the most underrated rookies last season. He put up solid numbers across the board, and he seems as though he will do just that yet again this season.

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i have never seen him , so i was so looking forward to seing this game and boom..... hes not there

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