Why isn't Alex Kirk Getting Any 1st Round Mentions?

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Why isn't Alex Kirk Getting Any 1st Round Mentions?

I was viewing a couple of draft sites and very few of them have New Mexico's 7 foot center on their mocks....Is it because he isn't expected to enter the draft next year? Or is that i am overrating a prospect that doesn't have a shot at the pros?

To me this guy happens to be 1 of the most versatile bigs in college...He can step and hit the 3,rebound,block shots,pass from the post and loves playing physical inside........If he's healthy and decides to come out i can see him possibly going in the 18 to 30 range next season...

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No way he's a 1st round pick

He may be a 2nd in either of the next 2 drafts, no chance he's a 1st. He already missed a full season with a back injury and he's behind some elite bigs nationally. He could make the league, though.

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