Why has Jon Brockman's stock risen? Portsmouth dominance?

I am a huge UW fan, and have been skeptical about whether or not Brockman will really be able to make it in the NBA. While I understand concerns about his height, mobility, lack of versatility, and lack of offensive post power, I was still surprised that, for most of this college season, he was nowhere to be found on this mock draft. Not even anywhere from 50-60, which seemed reasonable to me considering the rest of this draft class, and how dominating he has performed (at least in regards to rebounding). After the portsmouth, where he completely whooped on the boards, proving he can muscle with the tallest, his name popped back around the 55-60 spot, but I just noticed his stock rise to 46 this week. Whats with it? Anyone have input? I've always thought he has a place in this draft, and 46 seems suitable knowing that he is NBA ready in at least ONE field (boards), whereas many of the names that have come and gone (with hype and without) from the second round predictions have been of more versatile, rounded players, but players with no proven NBA ready attributes. Whether or not Brockman will actually be able to make the cut if he is drafted is a different issue altogether, but to me he seems like a safe enough gamble to put around the 45-50 area. And as of now, it appears as though some other people agree. Where has this sudden rise in his stock come from? Just curious if anyone has any inside info, guesses, or understands how exactly his name ended up at 46. I've always thought this guy was underrated nationally, it just surprises me that now, after his play is all done for in the NCAA, some others may agree.

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if anyone that reads this

if anyone that reads this gives a hoot about j-brock or the dawgs...
also, is there a roster out there that might actually have room for a guy like Brockman in rotation?

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i think with the success of

i think with the success of undersized pf's this year (craig smith, leon powe, brandon bass, jason maxiell), it really helped jeff adrien and jon brockman's stock. but i think brockman really impressed everyone at portsmouth and earned a spot in the 2nd round with his play.

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Guys like him tend to find a spot on an NBA roster, even if it's just for toughness and energy at practice mostly. Dude is a beast on the boards.

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I like Brockman, he should

I like Brockman, he should be able to make a team next year.

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the re-emergence of

the re-emergence of undersized 4's and the fact that rebounding usually translates well to the next level (as does lack of rebounding) makes brockman viable. tearing stuff up at portsmouth didn't hurt either. honestly, i think if he maintains his tenacity (which really shouldn't be hard since he seems to eat and breathe tenacity) he can be a valuable contributor in the nba. i think he's definitely got reggie evans potential and could wind up a poor man's kevin love. if he can only recruit charles oakley or rick mahorn as his personal big man coach then he's well on his way to nba success and riches.

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He should have a spot on the

He should have a spot on the end of someones bench. He is a grinder and a slightly better athlete than advertised

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