Why dont

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Why dont

why dont top recruits go to UCONN anymore, Calhoun wins and gets alot of players to the NBA? I mean calhoun has had: allen,butler,gordon,okafor,hamilton,gay,adrien,thabeet,price. Plus he runs and nba style offense

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Why did you post this?

Top players still go to UCONN, quite obviously since they made it to the Final Four. They have a roster full of great players and top recruits. Okafor and Gordon both weren't McDonald's All-Americans, Kemba Walker and Alex Oriakhi both were. He may only have Ryan Boatright, who is a top PG recruit, in this years class, but last year he added 7 freshman. Not to mention, UCONN is the odds on favorite for Andre Drummond, who is more than likely the biggest unsigned recruit in the nation. So, do not think you need to worry about UCONN. Going to the Final 4 usually does good things for you, and probably means while you may not be getting "top ranked" recruits, you are getting good ones. We are aware of his track record, and so are recruits. The violation reports might have scared some people off, but it seems like UCONN is still getting top recruits.

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