Why doesn't Toronto sign OJ Mayo?

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Why doesn't Toronto sign OJ Mayo?

I don't know if this needs a explanation. Bayless is gone, Mayo is a SG and he add a good wing player to there roster. I think this makes T.O. strong at every position. Lowry, Ross, Derozan, Barg and Valanciunas in the starting line-up. Jose, OJ, Fields, Amir Johnson and Ed Davis on the bench.

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They just signed Fields,

They just signed Fields, drafted a 2 guard in Ross, and Derozans best position and probably SG.

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We already signed Landry

We already signed Landry fields to a huge deal, it wouldn't make sense to dish out more money for another guard when we already have fields,derozan, and Ross

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They signed Landry Fields to

They signed Landry Fields to an offer sheet and the Knicks aren't expected to match. They still have Derozan and Ross, so that's three guys able to play the 2 or the 3 and they are all young. I don't see any reason to add Mayo to that group.

Also Mayo may be looking for a larger contract.

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why would they need Mayo? They have Ross, Derozan, and Fields at the wing spots. Derozan still has a lot of potential, and I really like Ross. Adding Mayo to an already crowded and young backcourt wold be pretty dumb. Phoenix is the team that really needs to make a run at Mayo if the Hornets match that offer sheet for Eric Gordon

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I think the Bobcats should

I think the Bobcats should target Mayo, they could use some more scoring. I know they acquired Ben Gordon in a trade, but i think at this point with Mayo not recieving a lot of interest thus far i think he would come at a fair price and could start while Gordons comes off the bench.

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I think they still should get mayo derozan is not a 2 gaurd he is a better fit at sf he is more of a slasher than a shooter and they need a player who can score points and mayo is that guy the raptors made a huge mistake giving fields so much money

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I'm wondering the same thing.

I'm wondering the same thing. Mayo is a much better player than Landry Fields. But then again, this is Bryan Colangelo we are talking about.

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If they have 3 shooting

If they have 3 shooting guards then they don't really need OJ Mayo especially since he wants a bigger contract. If I were them I would play DeRozan at the 2, Landry Fields at the 3 and bring in Terrence Ross of the bench as a sixth man. They might be better off going for a small forward off the bench who can defend some and hit some shots.

Bayless signed for $3 million a year with Memphis and I think OJ Mayo wants more than that. Not sure he is worth it.

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