Why doesn't Giannis play more???

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Why doesn't Giannis play more???

Giannis is considered untouchable by the Bucks. If the draft was done over today he would be a top 3 pick, what do the Bucks have to lose by playing him more or starting him?

He is only playing 24.3 mpg. Very low for a high ceiling player on a team that is clearly tanking anyway.

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24.3mpg is somewhat

24.3mpg is somewhat misleading because he'll play 27-32 minutes one night and then 18-25 the next, it's not a solid average, this is because the Bucks are developing Middleton and Wolters in addition to Giannis in order to give themselves more assets going forward.

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what has anyone heard about his brother, thanasis? he's in the dleague right now and is supposedly a prospect for at least the second round of the 2014 draft.

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