Does anybody really think Favors is the next Stoudimire
Or is Turner really the next Roy

Come on youve gotta be kidding me..

Last year James Harden was compared to Ginobli/Roy
Evans was compared to Crawford/Larry Hughes
And Jennings to Kenny Anderson come onnnn

Why must we make comparisons when we already know who Evan Turner is?

Hes Evan Turner

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Also knowadays any Hybrid

Also knowadays any Hybrid Forward that can hit the 3 i compared to danny Granger

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agrd with you big time all

agrd with you big time all these comparisons are retarded each player is his own. and ever year they compare players who are garbage to players who are stars and they never pan out

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I think its just to give

I think its just to give people who aren't familiar with that player or haven't seem him play an idea of who he plays like and how good he could potentially become. If you've never heard of Paul George and you wanna know a little about his game that his stats or a dumb youtube video of him dunking can't tell you its just a rough comparison to help you out. It's not an exact science and anyone who knows anything doesn't really put too much bearing on these comparisons but if I hadn't seen Brandon Jennings play and I saw the Kenny Anderson comparison i'd think a small slightly build point guard who is fast and can put up points. I think thats pretty accurate, they don't mean he is exactly like Kenny Anderson because no two players are the same, but just a player with similar tendancies. A lot of them sound crazy years later, but take them for what they are worth, and lets face it they are not concrete predictions, just players with similar tendancies to help out people who havent seen them.

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It's inevitable.

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I think you do it because we

I think you do it because we are a people that use history to make decisions. You use technology that was created on the ideas of another. You make life decision based on other people mistakes or success. We can the new with the old because it gives us a idea of what kind of success they may have. No one really knows. Most of the time Players are their own player. No one really plays like the player they were compared to. Rose is not like Paul but obviously you can see similarities in parts of their game that you can compare to tons of point guards depending on how they score or if they are more playmakers. We all want to see success in our players we like but we want to be somewhat realistic and that is where comparison come. You dont want to compare every shooting guard to Jordan because Jordan is a great player and that is farfetched that anyone will ever match him.

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I agree chakras, but the reason they are made is to try and predict a players upside or impact. So, when people compare Evan Turner to B-Roy, or Favors to Stoudemire, that is who they hope they will be, or somewhere around there. I agree, every individual has their own game, mindset, skill set, strengths and weaknesses, but comparisons will always be used. Precedent helps us either go with certain things or against them, and that is what people attempt to do when analyzing a prospect. The draft provides that optimism I talk about, so no one will compare Evan Turner to someone who may not have worked out, especially seeing that he was the College Player of the Year. Many of these draftees have yet to fail as players, or get in a situation where they are playing against people better than they are, so when they do finally experience, those comparisons seem ridiculous. I mean, Kevin Durant was compared to Andrei Kirilenko by this site, probably due to his frame, but obviously not his game, which surpassed that of Kirilenko's rather quickly. However, who would you compare Kevin Durant too? Their really is no one too similar, but they were maybe thinking, well, Kevin could come in, make a few mid range J's and provide some defensive presence with his Inspector Gadget arms. Greg Oden was compared to David Robinson/Tim Duncan. Why? Because he was a huge athletic guy who had dominated his peers to the extent where it reminded them of those players. I mean, Tim Duncan averaged about 10 a game his freshman year. I bet after Timmy's freshman year, not to many people were comparing him to David Robinson, though that next year the comparisons came. So, I agree, comparisons can be, and usually are ridiculous. But, they give people an idea of what a player might provide or what they could be, which is why they are used. They are generalizations that I would not take very seriously, as I am sure that most people know that players are not carbon copies and all have different aspects to their game in one way or another.

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