Why did..

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Why did..

the lakers give lamar odom up for a draft pick and then turn around and have it top 20 protected until 2017? I don't get it mitch couldn't convince the champs that winning another title is more important then securing a draft pick that most thought would be between 25 to 30? If this pick goes lottery the lakers would regret the deal bigtime losing a player like odom for nothing,paul not joining ,howard not joining, and losing a lottery talent that has a chance to be the best player in the draft if dallas doesnt make it out the wild west.Just one of these things could have gave a new life to the lakers but it seems as tho these things will be a death of an dynasty,

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I Heard on the radio,that

I Heard on the radio,that they traded Odom becuz of the new bargaining deal, couldnt afford to resign both Odom & Bynum in 2 years..

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They also got a 9 mill trade

They also got a 9 mill trade exception. Who knows if they use it, but if this season stinks, better believe they will look to make a move in the off season and then it can come in handy

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It is still too early to

It is still too early to determine if this move was good or not. I think playing that much money for a bench player when you have a solid player at the position is not always wise.

I even now that Bynum seems to be the 2nd go to player on the team that Gasol should be trade for young promising players and depth.

Houston still wants Gasol and they could possibly get Mo Williams, Terrance Williams, and Patrick Patterson along with a first rounder.

Houston has enough young players on their roster that they could trade for Mo Williams because clippers need depth and possibly a starting shooting guard.

Patrick Patterson is talented but rarely playes. Terrence Williams is a solid bench player but he can be replaced.

Courtney Lee could be player traded to get Mo Williams

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