"Why Can't I be MVP?"

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"Why Can't I be MVP?"

"Why can't i be MVP?" Ask Derrick Rose. "Because you have made only 32 3 pointers in 2 seasons, because you can't shoot, because you are not a leader." Said the pundits. When i read the NewsPaper article before the season started i was super excited that DRose truly thought he could be MVP. Not only that but the tremendous amount of work that he put in the gym over the summer is paying off. Mid-season, MVP DRose. So glad the Heatles did not Come to Chicago, He is the alpha-male for the Bulls. He Never wanted DWade or LeBron. J.Johnson was his prefered player but the Bulls are still looking like One move away from another Chip.

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So wait a minute you would

So wait a minute you would rather have Rose on your team over Lebron James?

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i think derrick rose is

i think derrick rose is deserving of the MVP award but i dont believe he'll get it. i think once the season is over that orlando, boston and chicago will be ahead of them in terms of seeding in the east. i think dwight, rondo and lebron will be among the top candidates. i base this solely off of the parameters that seem to have been set for the MVP winner; the top team or one of the top teams in the league's key contributor.

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i agree ^^

Unless Chicago is in the top 5 it seems hard pressed that f rose will win mvp. his play this season has been great though. Very few players can carry his team like he does

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