Why are you so greedy Denver?

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Why are you so greedy Denver?

Denver Seeks Five Knicks Plus Pick In Carmelo Trade
Feb 17, 2011 08:59 AM EST

The Nuggets have asked for all of the Knicks' best young prospects in a deal for Carmelo Anthony.

Denver is demanding Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Landry Fields, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov and a first-round pick (obtained by trading Anthony Randolph) in exchange for Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

"They want everything," a league source said. "The Knicks didn't even have to sit down and talk about that offer. It's not even logistically possible. They'd have two miserable stars with nothing around them."

"Maybe they [the Nuggets] just don't want to do it," the source said. "Didn't they do that with the Nets? When you keep asking for more until you say no, maybe you don't want to do it. Maybe they want to go to the playoffs with Anthony and call [Anthony's] bluff on June 30th."

Via New York Post

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So greedy. They are even asking more compare to what the Nets had previously offered.

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Maybe the Nuggets don't

Maybe the Nuggets don't really want to trade Melo because he has said he would sign an extension if he's not traded.

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The Nuggets are playing in a

The Nuggets are playing in a position of strength now that New Jersey has done it.

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Melo never said he wants to

Melo never said he wants to sign a extension if he didnt get traded. You sound liek these reporters that try to put words in his mouth

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They will feel bad if they

They will feel bad if they dont trade him by the deadline and he just walks. Get as much as you can and move on. He doesnt want to be there anyways.

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Thats trade would be a joke,

Thats trade would be a joke, its probably better for the Knicks that Denver is asking for so much. This way Dolan will back off and the Knicks can sign him in the summer.

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I guess I'm one of the few that doesn't think the Knicks are giving up much? Chandler is going to be a free agent after the season. I wish I knew where the article was at, but he was talking about having surgery in the off season. Gallinari came in the league with back problems and has already had at least one major back operation...all back operations are major. Mozgov is raw. Felton has played well, but with as many point guards as there are in this league you could replace him with a lot of others guys that are going to look good next to Anthony and Amare. Besides, wasn't the plan to get Chris Paul or Deron Williams in 2012? I like how Landry has played, but is he going to keep it up? At this point he is a really nice ROLE PLAYER. As far as the first rounder goes, that's usually expected when dealing for a top talent. All in all this is a team barely above .500. It makes sense to not want to give up anyone if you think you can get him outright, but not sure you want to take the risk, especially if you don't have to give up anything special to begin with. None of those guys may ever turn out to even play on an all star team.

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Denver is asking all this and

Denver is asking all this and acting like they are in a position of power. This is why Melo is just doing his job and playing it cool because Denver has already lost. Melo does not have to agree to an extension and that kills any deal. Melo is smart enough to know he should just play this year out and if he get traded to a team he wants so be it but if not he will ultimately have control. The thing is why should Melo consider any team that he never planned on playing for in the begining. Also can't a player get traded before the draft and during the playoffs. Melo can still possibly get his extension and be moved for something if after the season is up, he says no matter what I am leaving.

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well melo defenitely wants to

well melo defenitely wants to sign that extension before the trade deadline becasue who knows what will happen in the collective bargaining agreement this summer with max contracts. Also, denver can pay slightly more then anyone else so if melo signs the extension with denver and then gets traded he will make more money then just entering free agency. Plus there is no gaurantee NY will be able to clear cap space for melo this summer, so all signs point to melo wanting a deal to get done before the deadline so he can get his money now and be on his way instead of the risks of waiting until the summer. However, he might just have to wait and see what happens if the nuggets cant make a deal.

As for denver, they know even if they dont trade him that they still have a very good chance of getting something for him thsi summer since the teams he wants to play for dont have enough money to sign him so there would likely still have to be a sign and trade involved in which they get somehting back so they are probably in no hurry and want to get the most they can.

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You already lost Nuggets, why try?

Sheltwon, no teams can do trades during the playoffs because of the trade deadline. Once the playoffs are over then the trade deadline is lifted and teams can begin trading players again, but only that, they can't actually sign players until July 1st.

But yes, I agree Denver is being very greedy. They are not going to be able to keep Melo so why try and keep him by being greedy. You already lost. Try and trade him and get the best deal available. If they keep doing this they will end up worse than the Cavs. Kind of ironic, Nuggets do all they can to not lose everything once they lose melo yet in the end its sounds like that is exactly what will happen because they are so greedy.

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