whos your top 63?

willie wise fan
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willie wise fan
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1 Michael Jordan 2 Kareem

1 Michael Jordan
2 Kareem Abdul Jabbar
3 Shaquille O’Neal
4 Bill Russell
5 Wilt Chamberlain
6 Magic Johnson
7 Larry Bird
8 Kobe Bryant
9 Oscar Robetson
10 Karl Malone
11 Tim Duncan
12 Elgin Baylor
13 Moses Malone
14 Jerry West
15 Hakeem Olajawon
16 Bob Pettit
17 Kevin Garnett
18 LeBron Jamaes
19 John Stockton
20 Bob Cousy
21 David Robinson
22 Julius Erving
23 Rick Barry
24 Elvin Hayes
25 Jerry Lucas
26 Charles Barkley
27 Walt Frazier
28 John Havlicek
29 Isiah Thomas
30 Willis Reed
31 Patrick Ewing
32 George Mikan
33 Scottie Pippen
34 Artis Gilmore
35 Dwyane Wade
35 Bill Sharman
36 Dave Cowens
37 Jason Kidd
38 Dolph Schayes
39 Pete Maravich
40 George Gervin
41 Nate Thurmond
42 Dave Debuschere
43 Spencer Haywood
44 Billie Cunningham
45 Tiny Archibald
46 Dominique Wilkins
47 Bob McAdoo
48 Steve Nash
49 Kevin McHale
50 Wes Unseld
51 Allen Iverson
52 Clyde Drexler
53 Bill Walton
54 George Mcginnis
55 Connie Hawkins
56 Robert Parish
57 Neil Johnston
58 Earl Monroe
59 Gary Payton
60 David Thompson
61 Bob Lanier
62 Dan Issel
63 Paul Arizin

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there are really too many people to list!!

so imma say m.j then kobe and lebron then anybody that has worn a blazers except steve blake!! and oh yeah and lebron lol p.s sorry 4 being lazy and dont forget j.kidd best point guard ever!!

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What the flip... Lebron James

Wait hold the phone... Lebron James is already the 18th greatest basketball player of all time?

Charlie Sheen
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James and Wade are before Iverson WTF are they thinking

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The Big O and Jerry West

Oscar Robertson and Jerry West definitely belong in the top ten, possibly the top 5.

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Here's my top 25, Don't know

Here's my top 25, Don't know if I can put Wade on there just yet

1. Michael Jordan
2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
3. Magic Johnson
4. Bill Russell
5. Wilt Chamberlain
6. Oscar Robertson
7. Kobe Bryant
8. Larry Bird
9. Elgin Baylor
10. Shaquille O'neal
11. Hakeem Olajuwon
12. Tim Duncan
13. Jerry West
14. Julius Erving
15. Isaiah Thomas
16. Karl Malone
17. Bob Cousy
18. John Havlicek
19. Bob Petit
20. Moses Malone
21. Lebron James
22. John Stockton
23. Elvin Hayes
24. Rick Barry
25. George Gervin

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OMG I couldnt even watch half

I couldnt even watch half of these players!
Being born at '96 sucks!
Wow.. LeBron looks High at 22 even w/ no championships..
And the Big O looks a little low at 15
My top 50 off the top of my head i guess
And of course everybody played at different eras but i wont even care about that so..
1.Michael Jordan
2.Wilt Chamberlain
3.Oscar Robertson
4.Magic Johnson
5.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
6.Bill Russell
7.Shaquille O'Neal
8.Kobe Bryant
9.Tim Duncan
10.Larry Bird
11.Hakeem Olajuwon
12.Karl Malone
13.Elgin Baylor
14.Jerry West
15.Moses Malone
16.Bob Pettitt
17.Julius Erving
18.Charles Barkley
19.John Havlicek
20.Isiah Thomas
21.John Stockton
22.Bob Cousy
23.Elvin Hayes
24.David Robinson
25.Kevin Garnett
26.Clyde Drexler
27.George Gervin
28.Patrick Ewing
29.Rick Barry
30.Allen Iverson
31.Willis Reed
32.LeBron James
33.Wes Unseld
34.Nate Thurmond
35.Nate Archibald
36.Walt Frazier
37.Dwayne Wade
38.Scottie Pippen
39.Dominique Wilkins
40.Earl Monroe
41.Dennis Rodman
42.Gary Payton
43.Steve Nash
44.Bob McAdoo
45.Dave Cowens
46.Kevin McHale
47.Dirk Nowitzki
45.Walt Bellamy
46.Billy Cunningham
47.Jerry Lucas
48.Pete Maravich
49.Alex English
50.Dolph Schayes

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