Whos impressed you?

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Whos impressed you?

Who so far has impressed you in the summer league?
I know its just the summer lague but is there anyone you've liked so far?

Fringe guys making rosters? Guys with potential you may see? Rookies?

Guys i've liked so far:

Alec Burks has really showed off his ability to score in different ways and I think he earns several minutes for Utah.. might take a starting spot during the year. He is real good...

Miles Plumlee actually has more game then I thought. Obviously very athletic and big, but he has a few moves also and has a better offensive game.

Orlando Johnson has struggled at times but there are also times where he has showed off his skill set offensively. I think he has the chance to be a big second round steal if he can become consistent.

Tornike Shengelia is a big guy for the SF position. And he can handle the ball, pass, score a little and can do a bit of everything. I like what he's shown as well. He can definately play enough for make the NBA on a roster.

Jeremy Evans can jump. Really high.

Anybody else you guys have liked?

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Burke has always been a good

Burke has always been a good scorer but he has to be more consistant and do other things besides scoring, right now its not even close as far as him starting at the SG position over Gordan who is a better scorer, rebounder, defender and high basketball IQ while being taller. I am suprised a little by Mile, i figured he has some game and i actully liked that the Pacers picked him but he has more game than i realized

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M Brooks

Marshon Brooks. He had a bad first game but he played well later on. He can play. I hear he is on the trading block right now. Some team will come away with a hidden gem i think.

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Alec Burke to me is showing

Alec Burke to me is showing he has the scoring ability that we were all waiting for him to show last season, this is great for Jazz Fans.

Miles Plumlee is doing A LOT MORE then I expected from him. I honestly saw him as a bluecollar type of NBA player, perfect for the dirty work. But 18 points? I was shocked... Perhaps he does have some offensive game that I doubted him on?

Tyshawn Taylor has also stood out to me a ton, he makes great decisions and isn't afraid to take any shots needed for the team. He also some leadership quality about him that I think is actually helping his summer leage team. I honestly hope the Nets keep him and he becomes a solid backup to D-Will.

Brandon Knight is doing great for the Pistions and I really think they made a great decision take him in last years draft, really think some teams missed out not picking that kid. He's got all the ability to be a good PG in this league, now if he can improve he will definitely be great imo.

Will definitely add more to this list in time, I could've added more now actually but these are the top four that specifically stood out to me. When the weekend games start though, I hope this list gets a lot longer!

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Burks has probably been the best player I've seen, but I've only been watching Jazz games. It's seemed unfair to give him minutes against summer league foes. He's been the best player on the court for either team in Utah's last three games. I don't think he'll start, but he'll be a great 6th man for the Jazz. Today he had 22/7/5 and 2 steals.

Jeremy Evans can definitely contribute. In this setting, he's usually been the second best player out there in his two summer league games. He's long and his hops are unreal--maybe the highest in the league.

Miles Plumlee looked good today. I think he'll contribute as a 3rd big in the NBA. He has a nice touch and his D is good.

Michael Stockton is not an NBA player and won't make a roster. But he's better at running an offense than any other pg I've seen in the summer league, including Brandon Knight, who has also been good. And his D has been surprisingly good. Still, every analyst I've heard talking about him says he has no shot in the NBA.

Drummond. Wow... this kid is going to be very very good. He won't have offensive stats for 2-3 years at least, but I think he'll be an elite defensive player as a rookie. His athleticism for his size is just ridiculous and the Pistons are the perfect team for him.

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I'm not impressed with Sullinger because this is exactly what I expected him to do when he got to the NBA (yes I know it's just summer league). This guy knows how to use his body to get shots off down low, will rebound at a solid rate and has a very underrated jumpshot.

I am impressed with Nicholson. He can hit the pick and pop as a stretch 4. He has great footwork in the post with soft touch to finish he is able to finish his post moves.

Andre Drummond with contribute to the Detriot Pistons from day one! Too bad his contributions will only be on the defensive side of the floor. The way he grabs rebounds and blocks shots, he will be able to do that against anyone in the NBA. I just don't understand why he feels the need to fade away on every shot he takes. He gets an offensive rebound and then turns a two foot put back into a five foot fade away jumper.

Tony Gaffney has been really impressive. He is beating every big down the floor for easy looks. He is 6'8, runs the floor like a small forward, jumps like a small forward, shoots like a small forward and rebounds like a power forward. He is a little skinny but I haven't seen him back down from anyone in the summer league. He is willing to get physical and that will help make up for his somewhat skinny body.

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I do like Drummonds potential

I do like Drummonds potential as rebounder and shot blocker but just like his ffense we may not see this for awhile. As a rookie playing against smarter NBA bigs he will most likely be in foul trouble on many nights

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drummonds play is real

drummonds play is real solid

but boy he has a lot to learn in terms of rebounding (boxing out), help side d, postioning on post d

his jump hook looks pretty ugly.... but his jumper isnt bad

and the dude can pass..... good passer

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That dunk drummond tried to

That dunk drummond tried to put on fab melo today was insane

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Kyle O'Quinn - (Nice Size, High Energy, Good Glue Guy)

De'Quan Jones - (Tough, Good Build)

Andrew Nicholson - (Great Low Post Game, Good Footwork, Great Length)

Malik Wayns - (Quick, Scrappy, Good Facilitator)

Kim English - (Aggressive Scorer, Hard-Nosed, Good Defender)

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I knew that PJ3 was a good

I knew that PJ3 was a good player, but I was really impressed with his one on one defense and his footwork on the offensive end. Whenever he put the ball down and drove, good things seemed to happen.

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quite a few

Alec Burks: kid gets to the free throw line at will. Very nice handle, improving jumper, underrated playmaking ability. I don't think he will ever be a superstar, but I do think that in his prime he could average around 17-20 ppg, 5 rpg, and 4-5 assists/game.

Enes Kanter: actually has pretty solid post moves, strong as a bull, very solid rebounder. I think in his prime he could put up about 15-17ppg, 11-13rpg and play solid 1 on 1 defense.

Andre Drummond: Wow, he is raw no doubt, but he has crazy potential to become a dominant center in the NBA. His jumper isn't nearly as bad as people made it out to be. He already impacts the game big time with his ability to block shots and rebound out of his area. He also is able to switch onto guards on the pick and roll due to his exceptional foot speed. I see the desire in him to become great and I think he will. If he reaches his potenital I can see about 20ppg, 14rpg, and close to 3 blocks per game. Yes he is raw, but &$#%#[email protected]! this kid could be crazy good

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perry jones

perry jones and andre drummond impressed me the most and yup jeremy evans can really jump high

perry jones-knows his role immidiately on a team he wont try to force the action too much and is a jack of all traits

drummond- we all knew he was a great passer in highschool and it showed in the summer league drummond also showed maturity on the floor

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i have

i have really been impressed with Tornike Shengeila , he is 6 9 and can shoot, post up, pass and handle, just needs to find the right team and i think he will do great.

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I have enjoyed

I have enjoyed watching Kim English, Kris Joseph and especially Tyshawn Taylor play. These second rounders look very aggressive and play hard on both ends of the court. Best of luck to these 3!

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lance stevenson

Lance Stevenson seems to be one reason Indiana traded collision for nothing. Kid looks ready to take the next step. Austin Daye looks unstoppable on offense even though defense is another matter lol

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