Who's Better? Rose or Westbrook

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Rose. I'm going to be

Rose. I'm going to be subscribing to synergy sports to start my own sports analysis site, so I will be happy to show you the numbers supporting how much more advanced Rose is as a scorer. He shot 49% from the field for 20.8 as the first option and primary ball handler.

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And Rose wins this debate

Westbrook fans are mad as hell about it too...

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"6:25: A 3 from Turkey and

"6:25: A 3 from Turkey and Rose's offensive foul gets the crowd involved again. I'm not making too much out of Rose's lackluster WC performance: The international game is geared toward Stockton-type guards who can shoot 3s and run pick-and-rolls. Rose never seemed comfortable. In fact, guys whose games are geared toward NBA rules (beating guys off the dribble on clearouts, getting every call any time there's contact) always have the same look on their faces that Kevin Kolb did during Sunday's Philly-Green Bay game before he got knocked out. Just a bad fit and we didn't have a better option until Westbrook blossomed. I can't hold it against him." - Bill Simmons makes a good point lol...

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