Whos better and why?

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Whos better and why?

Who would you pick and why do you think so?

Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose

Danny Granger and Rudy Gay

Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony

Eric Gordon or Kevin Martin

Tyreke Evans or Brandon Jennings

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Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose-Rose gets the nod. He has significantly improved this year with his defense and jumper and I feel he's a top-5 player this year.

Danny Granger and Rudy Gay-It's a toss up. I think both are 2nd option players who are really good scorers. I guess I'd give the nod to Gay because of his athleticism.

Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony-Anthony is slightly better right now. A year or two down the line, that will be a different story.

Eric Gordon or Kevin Martin-Tough to say. I'd give the edge to Martin. Gordon gets a lot of open looks playing along side Griffin.

Tyreke Evans or Brandon Jennings-Evans. Both have had injuries this year. Neither are 100% healthy. Evans has performed at a higher level this year and has led some good 4th quarter comebacks.

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Who would you pick and why do

Who would you pick and why do you think so?

Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose-rose

Danny Granger and Rudy Gay-granger but gay is playing better this year

Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony-durant

Eric Gordon or Kevin Martin-gordan

Tyreke Evans or Brandon Jennings-evans

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Russell Westbrook and Derrick

Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose- Closest one on the list, but I personally like Westbrook better and think that he is a more complete player than Rose is overall, despite Rose being the better offensive player.

Danny Granger and Rudy Gay- Gay because I still think he can grown a lot more and will average even better numbers with Randolph likely gone next year. I think Granger is about as good as he can be.....

Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony- This ones also very close but I like Durant better

Eric Gordon or Kevin Martin- Gordan all day.... Better at virtually everything than Martin and is younger and will improve even more... Gordon's career will mirror Mitch Richmond's IMO

Jennings or Evans- Evans might not average more assists than Jennings, but he will be a better overall player.

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Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose - I'm going to have to call it a tie. Probably because I favor the 'pass first' type point guard. And all though Derrick Rose is having an incredible season, explosive and even knocking down perimeter J's, it may be my opinion but I feel that he could be a better play maker. (Though thats even hard to say considering its hard when you don't have much help)

Danny Granger and Rudy Gay - Another hard one, but I'm going to give this to Granger. However, much like the Carmelo and Durant thing, that may change in a couple of years.

Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony - Carmelo for now, we have no clue how he'll do wherever he's going. But as of right now Carmelo is just the guy. I will say this though, its a pretty dang close race.

Eric Gordon or Kevin Martin - Martin on this one. Eric Gordan is pretty explosive, but I think Martin has the edge on him. This is only because everyone knows even back from Martin's sactown days. He can be deadly from behind the arc even if you don't leave him wide open.

Tyreke Evans or Brandon Jennings - Tyreke, I just see him able to penetrate easier than Jennings. Not to mention Tyreke doesn't toss up nearly as many 3's as Jennings. However when Tyreke does learn to shoot this one will be a no brainer. (Lol, a lot of ifs and buts huh?)

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Russell Westbrook and Derrick

Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose - D. Rose. He isn't the active defender or all-around player that Westbrook is, but he's the better basketball player in my opinion. Rose is a better offensive player and has a better feel for the game. And in my opinion, Rose is the better playmaker (decision maker with the ball) as well.

Danny Granger and Rudy Gay - I don't know to be honest... I guess I'd go with Granger still. He seems to do everything better or just as well as Gay, except jump high.

Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony - I'd still give Melo the edge. Melo is a more complete offensive player and physicality doesn't bother him as much as it does KD.

Eric Gordon or Kevin Martin - EJ. They're both about equal in scoring (Martin probably has a slight edge), while EJ is a better passer and defender. EJ also just turned 22 in December, meaning he still has significant upside remaining.

Tyreke Evans or Brandon Jennings - Jennings helped lead his team to the playoffs last season (Ridnour played a huge role), but I'd go with Reke. He's not having the soph season everyone thought he'd have, but I'd take him because of his size, strength and penetrating ability at the guard spot.

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