Who's better?

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Who's better?

I was thinking Russell Westbrook can be the 1st option on a non-playoff team. Pretty much what Monta Ellis is in Golden State. Then I thought, how successful would Westbrook be in that system?

Then the question came up. Who's better right now?

Russell Westbrook or Monta Ellis?

I'm taking Westbrook. Although Monta scores more points, Westbrook is not far behind and he has the scoring champ on his team, Kevin Durant. Westbrook plays better defense, rebounds better, and is a better passer and ball-handler.

Who's the better player? Monta or Russell?

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Westbrook can score just as

Westbrook can score just as easy and is a terrific defender. Not really close for me.

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It's pretty close. You think

It's pretty close. You think that Russell would be putting up many points more than Monta as a 2 guard and still having all those assists he gets as a pg with OKC.Not to mention would he be any more a winner than Monta on GSW? Contrary would Monta put up as many assists as a pg beside of Durant.

Personally, to me, it's Westbrook's D Vs. Monta's go-to scoring ability/clutchness. Not to mention Monta has better range than russell on his jumper. As of right now, I'd take Monta, but it's not a long shot.

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Tough question. It's kind of

Tough question. It's kind of hard to compare the two since Westbrook is a PG and Monta is a SG. If they both played the same position it would be a much easier question to answer.

They kind of have similar skills and both are extremely quick and athletic. Westbrook has better court vision and plays better defense while Monta is a better scorer. Personally I like Monta more, but that doesn't mean he's the correct answer. I guess it's more of a personal preference or what you are looking for in terms of an organizational fit.

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Westbrook's rebounding is the

Westbrook's rebounding is the biggest difference between the two. He skied over Tyson Chandler in the playoffs. He's got the heart of a champ, but sometimes his head is up his $&@. I'd go with Westbrook with his average D compared to Monta's sub par D.

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This one is tough cause you asked who is the better player rather than who would you rather have. They are very similar in slashing ability and Westbrook gets the nod in Athleticism. Westbrook does have limitations offensively where Ellis has him beat and defensively Westbrook has the nod.

These two have much room to grow and aren't in their prime yet, but I say Westbrook is the better player for his playmaking ability. Even with a Superstar in Durant on the court, Westbook can make the players around him better and since he's a PG hes not really a ball stopper like Ellis. He has shown that he can put up triple-double numbers and has better defensive intenisty. This is scary too as he is only 22.

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If they matched up in a game

If they matched up in a game I think Russel would have the far better stat line. Westbrooks defense is great and hes to athletic and strong for Ellis to guard him. No contest for me I think Westbrook is the far more valuable player. Ellis would've got the nod if he were a bit bigger but he's small for a sg which makes it hard for him to guard the bigger players especially if they are more athletic than he is. He may be a better shooter than Russel but there arent many players better than Westbrook at getting to the rim.

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I think eventually and

I think eventually and overall Russ is the better player...but success could hinge on the situation they are placed in. I kind of think Monta is a little underated because he has a high usage rate on a team that is not a contender. It may appear that Ellis is not very efficient and is putting up great numbers on bad team...but I think if you put him on another team where his usage rate goes down, his efficiency could improve. He is not a terrible ball handler or passer for that matter. I think they are both great but in the long term, Russ is just more valuable to a team...if he can improve his offensive repertoir. His defense and rebounding gives him the edge. Actually, I know a lot wont agree, but Russ is not too far off from D-Rose, he just needs to continue to develop.

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I don't think Russ is THAT

I don't think Russ is THAT much of a better passer or ball handler than Monta. It's close there in my opinion. Russ is more active on defense and the boards, but Monta is a better offensive player. Russ can score and get buckets, but he's just not the offensive player that Monta is.

The biggest difference is just the way they're viewed. OKC is developing Westbrook into a big/athletic point guard, while GS has used Ellis as an undersized two guard. Big difference. Truthfully though... Westbrook isn't a point guard either. He can be one of the most erratic, wild and awful decision makers I've seen at times. IF he was in Ellis' position, he'd be put in the undersized two guard/ball dominant combo guard group as well.

However, when you look at Westbrook's growth as a point guard, you have to go with him because his potential is extremely high at that position. He looks like he'll grow into a 6' 4" explosive point guard who can affect games without just scoring.

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Difficult comparison because

Difficult comparison because they do play different roles/positions... Monta is definitely a sg and westbrook is definitely a pg... right now i'd take monta... he can take over the game at anytime, I'd say he is one of the best sg's in the league at the moment... Also I always prefer guards who have better range just for the sake of spreading the floor... westbrook has been improving in that category though... i wouldn't be surprised if he's shooting 46%-48% from the floor in the next couple years.. but I also think monta is pretty underrated on the defensive end... I know that going solely by stats isn't always great but he has averaged over 2 spg over the last two years, so he's no slouch... I think there has been a little too much emphasis on scoring pg's in recent years... I would always go with a pass first pg with good range.. jason kidd anyone? you don't need to be an athletic freak to play pg... smarts count a lot more...

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