Who'd you rather?

Who'd you rather have as your franchise player and why?

Derrick Rose
Tyreke Evans
John Wall
Rajon Rondo
Russell Westbrook
Ricky Rubio

Im going to go with Rubio, pure point guard, good leader, good passer, great defender he brings everything that you need to that PG position!

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It's between Derrick Rose and

It's between Derrick Rose and John Wall for me. I know John Wall hasn't played an actual regular season game yet, but I think he's the real deal.

Evans - I'm not in love with his style of play. Too dependent on having the ball in his hands. He'll be a great player, but I'd rather have Rose or Wall.

Rondo - He's a great complimentary player. I don't think he can carry a team as the guy.

Westbrook - I'm not as high on him as a lot of people. He's a low 40% FG shooter and his decision making is questionable. He's a little selfish in my opinion. He'd be best in a complimentary role.

Rubio - I've never bought the hype.

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I'd go with Rose or Wall

I'd go with Rose or Wall because I like the size, length, speed/quickness and athleticism they bring. They're also both very unselfish, while also capable of taking over a game offensively. Both are leaders. Wall is more vocal, while Rose is more lead by example.

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i think id go with tyreke..

i think id go with tyreke.. rose has some shaky ankles, i wouldnt be trusting them. Wall would be another good choice, but you can't ignore tyrekes numbers. Rajon would be good if he has established players around him, yet i wouldnt want him as my centrepiece

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Brandon Jennings need to be

Brandon Jennings need to be in discussion

but from the players you mention I would want Derrick Rose he is a amazing athlete aint a good playmaker and gets to the hoop with ease rose cn take the game over offensively anytime if he wants too. remeber the celtics vs bulls playoff game from 09 that first game rose made me a fan for life.

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Give me Russ any day because he is young, arguably the most athletic player on the list, he stepped up big in the play-offs (showing his leadership) he is the best attacker IMO from the list, he can defend any 1 or 2 guard, he showed how his jumpshot and decision making has improved in the playoffs as well, and I don't know where this selfish non-sense came from because I saw many plays where he passed the ball to another player when he clearly had an easy score. He has learned and is improving on his ability to create for others. And he plays with a chip on his sholder from being doubted for his PG abilities.

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I'll take rose, his game is

I'll take rose, his game is the most complete. Sure he's not as good a passer as Rubio and Rondo, nor as good a scorer as Tyreke, or the rebounding and D of westbrook, but if you combine those attributes and leadership abilities I'll take Rose anyday.
Also, I'm not talking about Wall becuz I honestly don't know what he'll become, give him a year and I'll decide.

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I know Jennings isnt in the

I know Jennings isnt in the discussion, but I knew he was going to be special when he was In high school.
Anyways, on that list, I'd Take Derrick Rose.

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I'd take Wall. This guy is

I'd take Wall. This guy is the real deal. I'm a Wizards fan so maybe I'm biased, but his size, speed, and playmaking ability makes it too hard for me to pass up on him.

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+1 to Brandon Jennings being in this discussion, but I'd still go with Derrick Rose either way.

Rose is, without a doubt in my mind, the best total package of the bunch, taking into account his numbers, leadership, and work ethic. The guy is just a winner, too. As soon as he starts getting the respect from refs, his game is going to explode as one of the real superstars in the league.

Westbrook has to show me he's willing to improve his weaknesses in order for me to start putting him in the same class as Rose.

Rondo has maxed out his potential, i think. He'll be a great defender for years, and his ability to control the tempo of the game is going to stay with him, but he's simply not as dynamic as some of the other guys.

Not commenting on Wall before he plays an NBA game.

Evans is going to get his for years to come, because there simply aren't many players who can guard him. Problem is, he's too interested in showing the world what he can do to be too concerned with winning.

Rubio is a wildcard. He could be great. Personally, though, i don't think he compares too favorably with Rose, Westbrook, or even Rondo

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"Rondo has maxed out his

"Rondo has maxed out his potential"

You do realize that Rondo is only 24 years old, right?

He can still get A LOT better in my opinion.

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No love for Rubio!? That all should change next year hopefully, but yeah these where just guys that i randomly threw in beside Rubio, B.Jennings that was my bad that kids nice too..

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Rajon Rondo 2009-10 stats:

Rajon Rondo 2009-10 stats: 13.7 points, 9.8 assists

He's capable of getting more than 14 points a game. He hasn't maxed his potential.

As for the question, I want to say Wall cuz I'm a UK fan (And he kinda saved our school lol), but he hasn't even played yet. Don't know about injuries or anything like that so I'll have to go with Rose

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Derrick Rose. He is already

Derrick Rose.

He is already the Bulls franchise player and in his 2nd season he was able to get them to the play-offs for the second time. He is a proven winner and really exciting to watch, which will also sell tickets.

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Rondo's game goes beyond the stats... he's an alpha- male dominating (and raising them up) other alpha-males in Boston at 24 yrs old. He's not done, not by a long shot. He dominates a game with a lousy jump shot and lless than ordinary freethrow shooting. Once he tightens up those 2 things Boston will be retiring his jersey.

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Tyreke and by a mile

He's an elite scorer and SG in the making and PG's seem to be falling from the sky lately

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this boy the real deal already a winner good leader thu quiet. he can score anytime he wants. worked on his 3 this summer young can play big minutes. cocahable. defense gettin better. and he will dunk on you!!! derrick rose will be mvp 5 yrs from now.

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