Who you think Predicted final four is

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Who you think Predicted final four is

I think Duke, Michigan, creighton, and Ohio St.

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I like Florida, Michigan

I like Florida, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Duke. Duke has the veteran leadership and coach, MSU is always a factor in March and look good now, Wisconsin I could see making a run with such a weak field and having played a very tough schedule and Florida I have liked all year and when on they're probably the most explosive team in the nation.
None of these teams will probably make it though just because its such a crapshoot this year and wayy too early right now.

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It's hard for me to guess who

It's hard for me to guess who would be in it considering I haven't been able to watch much college ball this year (which sucks...hard). My ideal Final 4 would be Indiana, Gonzaga, Kansas, and Florida, but I would also love to see Ohio State (love watching Aaron Craft and Deshaun Thomas), Michigan/Michigan St., Syracuse, Oklahoma St., or Memphis in it. The field is so wide open this year

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Miami because I'm from Miami
MIchigan, Indiana, Kansas

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Indiana, Duke, Michigan St,

Indiana, Duke, Kansas, Louisville

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Duke, Michigan, Louisville,

Duke, Michigan, Louisville, Syracuse

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It's so hard to tell this

It's so hard to tell this year. The brackets this year are going to be comical with upsets everywhere.

I'm going Florida, Michigan State, Gonzaga and Kansas. Yes this was pretty much a crapshoot and they will probably be in the same region as each other.

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Ind v Kan Mich v Lou

Pretty chalk I know, but I think with the crazy regular season, the cream will rise to the top in the big dance.

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Here's mine

Here's mine Butler,Indiana,Michigan, and Syracuse

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Gotta see the bracket

Obviously have to see the brackets before we can make our predictions, but here are the four teams that I can see making a run in March: Indiana, Michigan, Gonzaga, Syracuse.

If I were placing bets, I'd put my money on Indiana now. When I watch them play, they seem the most well rounded team. Good coaching, smart play, consistent shooting both inside and outside, good ball movement, stingy defense, etc.

Michigan is the second best team in the country right now, even with their string of losses. Their 1-2 punch with Burke and Hardaway Jr. is one of the best in the nation. Their not quite on the same level as Indiana, mainly because they don't have the inside presence. McGary is a legitimate prospect and solid freshmen player, but he doesn't compare to where Zeller is right now.

Gonzaga has a bit of everything. They have veteran leadership and underclassmen that are stepping up. Pangos, Harris, and Olynyk all bring unique aspects to the the gameplan, which will make it difficult for defenses to handle in the tourney.

Obviously as a Cuse fan, I have to throw them in. I could see Miami, MSU, or maybe even Arizona making a run in the tourney, but I gotta stay loyal. I think this team could win it all if they could ever have a player or two step up and hit their perimeter shots. That is the #1 glaring weakness I see in this team. If they fix it, they'll go far, if they don't they'll be lucky to make the Sweet 16.

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