Who would you take?

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Who would you take?

I was watching the Duke-Virginia game and heard Dick Vitale say that he'd take Jabari Parker #1 overall. So I figured it'd be nice to see who everyone else here who would pick #1 before the tourney starts. If I was a GM I would take Andrew Wiggins first.

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i'd take Wiggins. jus simply

i'd take Wiggins.

jus simply : his two way uspide is higher than Parker's.

i dont think Parker can defend anyone on the perimter in the NBA. i also question how good he can create his offense on the perimter. his jumper is getting overrated and his lack of first step and lateral quickness is worriesome.

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I think its a toss up between

I think its a toss up between Parker and Wiggins.

Both have the potential to be similiarly good at the next level just in slightly different ways.

I wish I had more of an idea about Wiggins in terms of what his night to night mentality is going to be at the next level. He has been phenomenal at times this year, and drifts through other games. He had 2 straight great games but really was quite against Iowa State.

I know Parker isn't going to be an elite defender at the next level...most young players aren't. I think his offensive potential is higher than Wiggins. He just has more skill.

My guess is both are going to be perennial all stars year in and year out.

Embiid is a wild card, but the injury concerns are too hard for me to pick him over the other 2. His offensive game is also far away from "elite".

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One thing is for sure...

Pretty much every player coming out of college, no matter how good they look and no matter the hype, is an unknown quantity once they become pros. There have been years when nearly every ballyhooed lottery pick has underperformed in the NBA. Parker, Wiggins, Embiid, Smart, Exum, etc. all look like sure bets - I just wouldn't bet the ranch on any of them reaching super stardom - or even stardom.

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I would take Parker. I think

I would take Parker. I think he has the potential to become a better defender, and his offensive ability is too hard to pass up on. I just love his attitude and the passion he plays with.

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Give me Wiggins

Give me the Canadian, I intend to abuse the hell out of that absurd first step of his, I am usually wary of guys you need to build up and get motivated in order to get the best out of them, I personally prefer having to pull guys back a bit to rein them in, I'm not saying Wiggins lacks motivation just at times he looks like he's coasting through games which is a problem. I like Parker and he's going to be terrific, but he's never going to be a defensive standout whereas Wiggins has all the tools to excel on both ends. Embiid's back scares me a little bit and to me the real wild-card is Exum.

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Parker is the best prospect

Parker is the best prospect in this class imo, then i think marcus smart and wiggins will be real productive in the NBA as well.

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Wiggins yes

Andrew Wiggins would be my choice if i was GM with the number 1 pick.Honestly Wiggins just seems like he will be a superstar on the NBA level.I am not too sure about Jabari Parker yet.But i like both players just Wiggins more.

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Before the back concerns, I

Before the back concerns, I would have taken Embiid. Now, I really have no clue. If everything checks out with Embiid, and doctors say there are no long-term concerns, then I take Embiid. If not, then I probably lean towards Wiggins. Purely based on his upside, because as of right now, I think Jabari is the better player.

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