Who would you rather have?

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Who would you rather have?

...if you are New Orleans.

Anthony Davis and Anthony Bennett
Anthony Davis and Willie Cauley stein

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I don't see Willie Cayley as being a better player in the league than Davis. And as for Bennett I think he will end up a worse version than Beasley to be honest. I done even known what position I would want him to play

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I like Defense. I'll take WCS along with Davis. Rare combo of a 7'1 wide receiver and a 6'11 big with guard skills. Pretty incredibly athletic, great length, decent passing, defensive frontcourt. That is an easy answer for me though, I would take WCS ahead of any other big, and not a big fan of Bennett. I would love to see them paired together but Smart and Porter would also look good on NO.

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I know your just theorizing

I know your just theorizing but if I was the Hornets I wouldn't want either WCS or Bennett

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Lol heard that. I'd want Otto or Shabazz.

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i wouldn't trust either of

i wouldn't trust either of those picks. if they are late in the lotto and it is around the time where you would almost have to draft one of those guys, i guess flip a coin.

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I dont get the hate for these prospects but I guess I'd take AB

I think Bennett would be able to play around Davis and Gordon down low or in the mid range area, Stein would be forced down low all the time thus forcing Davis outside a lot more than he would with Bennett on the Team, also I think the Hornets could play Bennett at Sf or Pf, and allow Davis to play Pf and C, I think they let Lopez go and make a run at Pekovic or gasp Andrew Bynum in free agency, Stein could take too long to develop as well another thing to factor in

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