Who would you have picked?

For just the last two years who would you have picked for your favorite team. You can do the 2nd and first round but i'm just going to do the first. It's not a "looking back we should have drafted him" deal but a "at the time I wanted this guy"

2011: Suns drafted Markeiff Morris
I would have drafted Kawhi Leonard
2012: Suns drafted Kendall Marshall
I would have drafted Moe Harkless

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So you would want to take two

So you would want to take two 6'8 small forwards? As a fellow Suns fan I would like them to have taken Faried and Harkless.

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Well I wanted the Harkless

Well I wanted the Harkless pick after we didn't get leanard. Obviously I would not have wanted Harkless if we got Leanard the year before. And Faried would have been a good pick but at the time I wouldn't have thought he'd be this good.

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2011: Timberwolves drafted F

2011: Timberwolves drafted F Derrick Williams
I would have drafted F-Tristan Thompson....A better defender and rebounder.. I would take Faried over both, but no one would have drafted him #2.
2012: Timberwolves traded pick for Chase Budinger
I would have drafted F-Andrew Nicholson

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Heat- Last year

If I was the Heat GM with the 45th pick i would've taken Scott Machado instead of Jordan Hamilton who i didn't know existed.

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Justin Hamilton

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I liked the Marshall pick

I liked the Marshall pick until they brought back Dragic. As for 2011 I would've taken one of the Morris'.

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I just wrote a book of a

I just wrote a book of a similar thread about the Sixers but went back like 20 years...weird.

I would have picked Kenneth Faried over Vucevic in 2011. I would have picked Perry Jones III over Moe Harkless in 2012...I guess it is kind of irrelevant though considering the Sixers traded both of them for Bynum (how exciting!!!!(sarcasm)).

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Cleveland taking Hickson. I

Cleveland taking Hickson. I wanted Deandre Jordan.

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And cleveland taking

And cleveland taking Christian Eyenga, I wanted anyone useful.

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2012: 47. Scott Machado over Kevin Murphy...I didn't think Machado was good enough to start on an NBA team, but he was a stud at Iona last year and looked like he could earn some PT on a team off the bench. I was hoping for PG depth with that second rounder, not a 3 point specialist who's barely played all season.

2011: 3. B Knight over Kanter...potential franchise PG, he's looking good in Detroit but I wish we'd drafted him to replace D Will. Kanter is stuck on the bench playing behind Millsap & Jefferson.
12. Chris Singleton over Alec Burks...I loved Singleton's intensity during March Madness in 2011, he was one of the best defensive prospects in the draft. He's struggled in Washington off the bench so far. Burks has shown flashes of greatness and versatility playing PG right now. If I had to make this pick again I'd take Burks, Singleton was a bust.

*Can't really analyze 2012, but 2011 brought us 2 young players who are definitely part of the Jazz's future plans, they just need to get Kanter some more PT and (hopefully) get a franchise PG in this draft or free agency and move Burks back to SG.

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Wizard picks 2011 Jan Vesely

Wizard picks
2011 Jan Vesely #6 and Chris Singleton #18.
Could have had Kahwi Leonard or Klay Thompson and Kenneth Faried
2012 Bradley Beal #3 and Tomas Satoransky #32
I agreed with the Beal pick but there were a lot of other solid role players pick up in the second round. Jae Crowder, Draymond Green, Will Barton

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2011 - I would take Kenneth

2011 - I would take Kenneth Faried for the Pacers, if they decided to keep the pick. However no complaints with acquiring George Hill.

2012 - I would have taken a chance on a guy like Perry Jones III as the Pacers are in a situation to take a risk and would still have taken Orlando Johnson in the 2nd round.

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PJIII over Plumlee

seemed pretty obvious to every Pacers fan. Plumlee will make it through one contract before the Pacers find a better player. Jones3 has a chance to be better than that.

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Was happy with taking Monroe and Knight.

In 2012 I said it numerous times I would have taken J.Lamb over Drummond. I am more than happy to be proven wrong though :)

Would of taken Barton and D Lamb with our 2 x 2nd rounders ( really wanted Acy or Green )

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In 2011 I wanted the Cavs to

In 2011 I wanted the Cavs to draft Irving #1 and thought they should have drafted Valanciunas with the #4. I know he had to sit out a year and really thought that he was the best player and that it would help them get a higher draft pick in 2012 as well. Jury is still out on both Valanciunas and Thompson, but Thompson looks like a good pick right now.

2012... Jury is still out of course, but really thought Harrison Barnes would have been a great pick. Waiters has all the potential in the world so who knows.

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Chicago Bulls. 2011- I would

Chicago Bulls.

2011- I would have taken Tyler Honeycutt over Jimmy Butler
2012- I would have taken Will Barton over Marquis Teague

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