Who wnants Bargs?

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Who wnants Bargs?

It looks like BC is finally getting fed up of Bargs and I really see him being moved this off season. I have seen lots of unrealistic "wish" trades on various Raptors sites.

I'd like to hear from non Raptor fans if anyone has intrest in him.

Raps fans lets here from you too but lets stay in the realm of possible.

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Someone is going to take a

Someone is going to take a flyer on the dude but unless I have Dwight, Bynum, Bogut or another established and defensive C, I'm not touching the dude. Can't rebound, can't bang down low, can't block shots. Maybe New Jersey can go after him and we can have the most worthless rebounding 7 footers of all time!!!

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I can see the Magic making a

I can see the Magic making a move for him in a last desperate attempt to make Dwight happy. He'd be a better version of Rashard Lewis when they made the Finals run. Of course Orlando would need to make more moves to actually become contenders again, but this one is a possibility.

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