Who wins it all? (NCAA)

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Who wins it all? (NCAA)

Obviously, it's a wide-open race with no clear favorite. Hence, the oft-changing #1 ranking this season.

Who do you think will win it all when it's all set and done?

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It hurts me to say it, but if

It hurts me to say it, but if Ryan Kelly stays healthy my bet is on Duke

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I'd have to say Duke. They

I'd have to say Duke. They have been really really consistantly good with Kelly in the lineup. Between him, Curry, and Plumlee, they have 3 players who can really dominate games. I think Indiana has been slightly more lax than them this year, and all of those Big East teams are flawed to the max. But you're right, its wide open.

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Liberty Flames

Liberty Flames

Memphis Madness
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I am taking Duke over Kansas.

I am taking Duke over Kansas. I might actually pick all 4 one seeds to get to the Final Four.
duke, Kansas, Indiana, and Gonzaga.

My sleepers are Minnesota, Memphis, and VCU. I think all 3 will make the Sweet Sixteen.

I think we will see some low seeds in the Elite Eight but I think this is the year of the big boys.

In my opinion, the 3 and 4 seeds are most vulnerable early on. I think there is a pretty sizeable
dropoff between the top five or six teams and the rest of the field.

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I think it is really going to depend on matchups this year. As was stated, there has been a lot of shuffling at the top of the polls; I think there are 6 or 7 teams that have a legitimate shot at the title.

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I think it's Duke too

as for the all chalk in the final four call me crazy but I don't think Indiana will make it

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I think Indiana and Duke are

I think Indiana and Duke are the only two elite teams in the country this year. As far as who will actually win the tournament though, I have no idea. I'll say Indiana pulls it off against a 4-6 seed that makes a run to the title game. I'll go with a team like UCLA, Arizona, or Syracuse to fall just short.

I really think this could be shaping up to be one of the craziest tournaments ever though. If Indiana and Duke go down, all hell could break loose.

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You could

You could make a legit argument for about 8 teams this year to win it all. This will be the best tournament in a while in terms of unpredictability!

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Im picking Indiana or UCLA

Cody or Shabazz having monster tournaments and cementing their place in the draft

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Are you Shabazz Muhammad?

Are you Shabazz Muhammad? It's like whenever a topic comes up you're always here to show how much you love that man.

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My vote would go to Indiana.

My vote would go to Indiana. I've only see perfect basketball once this year and it was from IU. They can go on some ridiculous unstoppable runs more than any other team in the country. They've also been battle tested in the crazy Big Ten and came out the victor.

A lot of people said Duke, but I'll wait and see how they look in the ACC tournament since Ryan Kelly was just reinserted into the lineup. They're likely to play UNC and Miami again, so that is where they can prove that they really are the real deal or not.

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"I expect duke, Indiana, MSU,

"I expect duke, Indiana, MSU, Louisville to win it all... I haven't watched Miami play much so im not gnna judge them... and the only reason why I have MSU in there is because of tom izzos track record in march and theres no clear cut favorite this yr"-- Malik Wardia on fb to TaylorCondrin

"if I had to choose one team to win it all its Indiana... I love their team... I love tom crean and oladipo"--Malik Wardia on fb to TaylorCondrin

p.s... im malik wardia and im not a douche bag

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I could see Trey Burke

I could see Trey Burke pulling a Kemba Walker....

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No love for Gonzaga?

No love for Gonzaga?

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I think the Zags have looked

I think the Zags have looked great lately, I just wonder about their depth. That being said, unless they get a nightmarish regional bracket, I think they're a final 4 favorite team.

Duke ( with Kelly back in full force ) Gonzaga, Indiana, and Kansas are my pre bracket Final 4 picks.

I expect ol' Walters and SDSU to get an upset or two this year also.

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Michigan surprises everyone

Michigan surprises everyone and wins it all

Dale Worthington
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1) Indiana 2)

1) Indiana
2) Louisville

UNLV, Missouri, and NC State could all be this year's Florida (7-seed from last year that went to the Elite Eight) if they play to their potential...all 3 have been extremely inconsistent this year.

I could see the Mountain West getting 3 or 4 teams in the Sweet Sixteen.

New Mexico could pose major problems for squads with the emergence of Bairstow down low to complement Kirk, Kendall Williams at the point, and Snell on the wing...

They're good at the point, on the wing, and in the post, great defensively, athletic, and have MAJOR size.

The only issue is that they haven't performed well offensively as a whole...106th in offensive efficiency...that said, Louisville was inefficient offensively as well last year and went all the way to the Final Four and almost beat Kentucky. New Mexico's quality defense, athleticism, and 2 legit bangers (Kirk averaging 12 and 8 at 7'0 and Bairstow averaging 13 and 8 over his last 11 contests) remind me of the way The Ville looked last season. Another issue with New Mexico is a lack of depth on the wing, which was a strong suit last year for The Ville, as they had Russ Smith, Kyle Kuric, and Chris Smith.

Top dawgs who will croak early:
1) Georgetown (no PG, no post, outside the top 100 in both offensive efficiency and rebounding rate)
2) Gonzaga (hasn't played anyone, lack a true facilitator at the point)

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I think Indiana will pull it

I think Indiana will pull it out with strong play from both Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo. Christian Watford will play a role too.

I also like a team like Syracuse to surprise some people if Southerland can continue his reign from downtown, but the pieces they have don't always click together in games so it's hard to say what they'll do. Michael Carter-Williams has to cut down on turnovers.

Duke didn't look like a future national champ at all today. I think they were a lot better at beginning of the year. Watch out for NC State!

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NC State has a remarkable

NC State has a remarkable blend of athleticism, size, shooting ability, and versatility, yet their defense sucks and I don't think their Head Coach knows what he's doing.

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