who will win

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who will win

Heat vs Thunder- Heat 105 to 98

Baylor vs Kentucky-Baylor 76 to 73

North Carolina vs Kansas- Kansas 72 to 65

Im going out on a limb and saying Perry Jones will have a big day 17p 11reb and 3a

Lebron will get 32p 12r 7a 3s 1b

Thomas Robinson 22p 12r

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Are the Heat at Home or on The Road

I'll take The Thunder either way in a very close game, Thunder win but 4...

Baylor Vs. Kentucky is a Tough One for Me, these have been my two favorite Teams to watch this season, Ohio State, Kansas and North Carlina have been very interesting Too...This is shaping up to very good Final 4...

I'm going to take the underdog and Pick Baylor in a Major upset, I love the way Brady Heslip is shooting the ball, Miller and Acy have been playing very aggresive too, I really hope Perry Jones can get Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones in foul trouble early on, Perry is the X Factor....If He comes to play the Baylor Bears are in The Final 4, but if they let Pierre Jackson play Hero Ball They are Doomed, The Wild Cats are too talented for that nonsense and they will blow Baylor out of the Building...They need to play like they did in the first few minutes in the game against Xavier ...I'm picking Baylor because I'm rooting for Heslip, JonesIII, Acy and Q. Miller to have big games against the NBA Wildcats...

Kansas Vs. North Carolina is also going to be close, but I feel The Tar Heels have two big guys that can get T.Rob and Withey in Foul trouble, Zeller has been playing very well and Henson can effect Robinson's interior shots...I'm picking The Tar Heels although I'd pulling for Robinson to have a Huge Game against that front line...

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