Who slides T-Rob or MKG

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Who slides T-Rob or MKG

With the possibility of the draft shaping up as the 1 2 3 picks Davis Barnes Beal potentially Drummond at 4 or 5 who will slide between T-Rob or MKG?

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I still think it's Barnes who

I still think it's Barnes who slides, but that's me

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Reports say that the Bobcats like T-Rob as the frontrunner for the #2 pick and with the trade the Wizards pulled off today it seems that they'll be taking Beal. Barnes also cancelled his workout with the Kings on friday so I think maybe Cleveland has told him that they'll take him if he's available and if T-rob and Beal go 2 and 3 then Cavs will Barnes at 4.

This leaves MKG as the one who slides but no way the Kings pass up on a player who will give them leadership and defense so he'll go 5. In my opinion this scenario leads to good stituations for each player.

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I'm crossing my fingers

As a Kings fan, I just hope MKG slides. It is the ultimate scenario for the Kings. A small forward who is a beast in transition. He plays defense, and while not the best shooter, he doesn't need the ball to thrive as a player.

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I've got MKG sliding to 7 in

I've got MKG sliding to 7 in my mock. But who slides really depends on who goes #2.

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this is how close those guys

this is how close those guys are..talent wise no one would argue Drummond and MKG can go #2 but looks like neither will be top4 actually, it's interesting!

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I'm sure the entire GSW franchise is hoping that you're right and MKG slides to them.

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The Kings will probably take MKG or

Lillard. Unless Robinson or Barnes are there.

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To be bold I think they both

To be bold I think they both will. Neither offer really much outside of the ordinary skillwise and are above average athletically. I think their stock will stay stable from now till the draft but the question is who will be rising past them and pushing them down... I could see Drummond and Leonard both making late pushes to be high picks, with their truly rare combination of position, athleticism, size and skill I'm not so sure they won't be snatched up early...

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I still have them both in the

I still have them both in the top 5 but Drummond could certainly raise some interest from teams looking to trade up. MKG would actually be a perfect fit for GSW so if he does fall to them it could benefit both of them.

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This draft all depends on

This draft all depends on what the "Cats" do with thier pick. We have no clue what Jordan is going to do on june 28. I don't see him drafting Robinson in my opinion, there are to many fowards on his squad. He might pick Barnes just beacuse he is home grown product, and he will end up becoming a bust because he is not in the right envoirnment. This is my mock

1 Davis- .....

2 Barnes- Home grown

3 Beal- Need a SG after the trade.

4 Kidd Gill- They have a need at small forward.

5 Robinson- Drops that low. Cousins and Robinson talented front court

6 Lillard- He will become a Blazer.

7 Drummond- Warriors take a gamble

8 Lamb- Can be good, but not with the Raptors

9 Henson- Will be a good front court for years to come

10 Rivers- I have no clue how it's going to workout in New Orleans

11 Myer- They have a need at center and he is a skilled big man

12 Zeller- Bucks take him only because he is 7'0''

13 Waiters- Suns take him, front runner to rookie of the year if the Suns hand him the team

14 Terrance Ross- Becomes the full-time sg his rookie year.

15 Terrance Jones- Will be effective with Philly

16 Rockets trade pick and Lowry for Paul Millsap,cash, possibly future pick and Raja Bell

17 Marshall- Will be alright with mavs, but not great

18 Royce White- Hometown kid with a lot of potential

This some what my mock and I think it's the most realsitic of all here. What are your thoughts?

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