Who should they target?

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Who should they target?

The Sacramento Kings were playing at the level of a top five pick in the upcoming draft until about 10 games ago, since then their play has improved and they look to be headed towards the picks in the spots 8-11. If the Kings end up with one of these picks (8-11) who should they target?

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If Otto Porter is available,

If Otto Porter is available, they should snag him. If not, try to trade up for McLemore, even if it means getting rid of Tyreke.

I think they should avoid Shabazz. Shabazz seems like a selfish player and combining Shabazz with Cousins isn't going to help anybody.

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Both of those prospects are

Both of those prospects are projected top 3, I'd bet a lot of money neither of them falls to 8-11 in this god awful draft.

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Trey Burke, he would be in

Trey Burke, he would be in that range and is an instant upgrade over all the other point guard's they have. Also he would give the Kings a player who had a decent basketball IQ

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I agree with Burke that's who

I agree with Burke that's who I have them getting in my mock. The kings could really use a leader like Burke on there team.

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glenn robinson is a realistic

glenn robinson is a realistic option with an eight to eleven pick.

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Well, the Kings could

Well, the Kings could assemble the greatest team of chuckers we've ever seen. Isaiah isn't that bad, but he does look for his own shot, Marcus Thornton, Tyreke, Jimmer, John Salmons, Cousins, and now Bazz. If that team ever put the pieces together it could be dangerous. Crazy to think the Kings could have Rubio, Lillard, and Klay to go with Cousins.

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The Kings have had a

The Kings have had a Reputation for Drafting Based on ''Needs''..This year they need everything expect a center...And they havent let their intentions on rather or nor Tyreke Evans will be part of their future plans......

The Kings have a roster full of Selfish ,young and Unexperienced players..A guy like Marcus Smart might change the culture of the team......Smart is 1 of the few players in this year's draft that can make others better...

They might want to pair Cousins with a defensive minded shot blocking athletic big like Nerlens Noel....

They also have a reputation for taking Gambles:

They've had some HIT & MISSES:


1.Drafting Billy Owens when he stated he didnt want to play for them,but they got lucky and traded him for Mitch Richmond..1 of the best players in franchise history...

2.Selecting Cousins,who some felt was the 2nd best player in his draft..Cousins has been controversial,but you cant deny that he's a talented player...

3.Drafting an unknown foreign player name Peja Stojakovic...

4.Selecting troubled point guard Jason Williams..Williams brought some excitement back to the team...

5.Tyreke Evans

6.Kevin Martin..The steal of the 2004 draft...


1.Pervis Ellison,Thomas Robinson,Bobby Hurley,Hassan Whiteside,Quincy Douby...The Jury is still out on Jimmer Fredette...

So maybe the Kings will be the team that'll Roll the Dice on the 18 year old phenom from Greece.....

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