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In the upcoming draft, the Heat are perfectly placed to nab that much needed sparkplug off the bench, with a selection of guards to be available with their 31st pick. In my mock draft, i got them taking Nolan Smith. It just makes too much sense.

After the way Terry/ Barea tore their perimeter defenses to pieces, the Heat should feel confident in taking Nolan, knowing that he too can provide that kind of impact off the bench for them. What do you guys think, and if not Nolan (or if he's unavailable by the time their selection is up), who do you think the Heat should consider? Also, i originally had them taking Jeremy Tyler, but I figured Dexter Pittman can still be that guy for them in the future (potential starting center).

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I believe Miami needs more of

I believe Miami needs more of a c/pf. If I were them I'd take whoever slips to 31 out of Motiejunas,Mirotic,Vucevic,Johnson,Thompkins,Tyler,Faried, or hell maybe even Biyombo!

Imagine that starting lineup

C- Biyombo

PF- Bosh

SF- James

SG- Wade

PG- Chalmers/Bibby

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If They go point guard:

If They go point guard: Shelvin Mack or Nolan Smith or Andrew Groudelock

If they go shooting guard: Travis Leslie or Charles Jenkins or Bojan Bogdanovic

if they go small forward: Chandler Parsons or Jimmy Butler or Jereme Richmond

if they go power forward: Joffery Lauvergne or JaJuan Johnson or Nikola Mircotic

if they go center: Jeremy Tyler or Nikola Vucevic or Keith Benson

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Someone with some conjones

They need a PG in the worst way. Someone with some heart who is willing to step it up in the fourth quarter. Sorry, but it's true.

Someone to distribute and control the offense, doesn't matter if he can score at all. The Morris kid from Michigan would be nice, but you get the idea.

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odds of getting a difference

odds of getting a difference maker at 31 are not good. Just go with best available. I really think this team should stick to their defensive philospohy and draft guys who bring it on that end. For this team to win rings, i think they will have to focus more on being a shut down squad and not giving up 100 to anyone.

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lol ForTheWin, Joel Anthony

lol ForTheWin, Joel Anthony and Biyambo are identical players, they need some kind of length.

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Isaiah Thomas University of

Isaiah Thomas University of Washington pg- point blank!

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