Who should have stayed?

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Who should have stayed?

Now that the 2011-12 regular season campaign is over and the playoffs are in the confrence finals I want to take a look back at some of last years early entry players and determine weather they should have stayed or made the right choice.

1st round I only found 2 that I thought should have stayed.

#26 Jordan Hamilton- Had he stayed with Myck Kabongo coming in I believe both players would have flourished, plus he didn't get much playing time in Denver with all those other scoring forwards/wing players (Gallinari, Chandler, Harrington, Brewer).

#29 Cory Joseph- Another Texas guy. Yet again with Myck coming in Joseph and Myck would have shared the ball handling. They could have been something similar to Bledsoe and Wall but of course no where close to their production.

2nd round there was a few more but the most interesting thing was that there was a couple of players that were projected as a lotto pick once upon a time.

#35 Tyler Honeycutt- He was projected a lotto pick most of his sophmore year at UCLA. When he was drafted by the Kings I was wondering where they would find playing time for him and I'm still wondering. Staying at UCLA may not have raised his stock but the Bruins would have been interesting to watch considering the Wear twins and Josh Smith were there this year.

#41 Darius Morris- When the Lakers landed him in the 2nd round I thought he was a steal. Instantly thoughts came to mind that he would end up being the starter most of the season since LA has been fed up with D-fish for a while. Morris staying at Michigan would have been a better choice since Hardaway Jr. did.

#49 Josh Selby- This is my favorite, he was the #1 high school player once. He played terrible his freshmen year and Bill Shelf could barely contain him. If Selby and Taylor developed some chemistry and with T-Rob finally getting playing time and absolutely explonding maybe they could have made this past NCAA championship game even more fun to watch.

Honorable mention-#36 Jordan Williams- He played some good backup minutes for the Nets and it looks like he will continue to do so.

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(#49 Josh Selby) Or... They

(#49 Josh Selby)

Or... They would've never made the championship game. Teams are better when players know their roles. Look at the Spurs.

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Selby looks like a

Selby looks like a score-first kind of guy. Not sure that is what Kansas needed last year. If Selby had had another rough year he would have been a 2nd round pick at best this year.

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Honeycutt got no pt cuz he is

Honeycutt got no pt cuz he is too small the guys nearly a foot taller then Thomas the pg but only weight like 5lbs more but he did play well the few min he played

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none of those guys should

none of those guys should have stayed cuz they would all got critiqued even harder and thus picked even lower

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Too early

It's still too early to know some of who should have stayed from last year's draft. Sometimes it's about opportunity and learning within a system, and a system that works for both the player and coach.

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From 2006 onwards

2006: Tyrus Thomas (still too raw, could have really used more schoolin'), Patrick O Bryant (yeah...bust city)

2007: Brandan Wright (doing OK off the bench, but could really have used more time at UNC as a featured frontcourt player), Javaris Crittenton (well...he'll be in jail), Daequan Cook (could really have used more time to develop an all around game rather than just the three ball), Josh McRoberts (yeah...has a good bench seat everywhere he goes)

2008: Anthony Randolph (he was and still is a really raw player, could have used more coaching in college), Robin Lopez (could have used a year to be featured with his brother gone), Kosta Koufos (again, too raw), Donte Greene (he honestly didn't even have a great year at Cuse when he was in school, I was amazed he came out after freshman year)

2009: DeMar DeRozan (could have used some fundamentals in college, even though it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that he'd be gone after 1 year), Austin Daye (could have used another year), James Johnson (would have been featured rather than Jeff Teague), BJ Mullens (duh)

2010: Xavier Henry (has been buried on the bench), Hassan Whiteside (like most before him, extremely raw), Tiny Gallon (though academic issues kind of forced him out), Daniel Orton (another duh), Lance Stephenson (needs to learn more fundamentals), Willie Warren (did not have a good year without Griffin)

2011: I agree with yours

This year: Quincy Miller is the only one that really pops out right now.

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Austin Rivers comes to mind

Austin Rivers comes to mind for this year. The kid doesn't have the build to get off the bench next year. Should've stayed another year and learned more fundamentals under Coach K.

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