Who says Lebron ain't clutch?

Lol joking. But hey anyone see that game between Boston and Miami? You wanna talk about a nail biter. Damn that was crazy. Celtic's completely out played the Heat until...well you know, the time where Miami usually melts down? Not this time though, Heat outplayed the Celt's in over time. Good game though, I was on the edge of my seat the entire game.

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Lebron had his ups and downs.

he tripped by the baseline, then he scored a 3 pointer and a lay up, but it the final possesion he lost his handle all by himself. but it was a great game. and what about delonte west insane defense on wade, dwayne could barelly walk.

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LeBron really really wanted

LeBron really really wanted this one today...Could have done without the turnover that could have costed them the game but I'm glad they one.

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Thats what I said

Lebron made some crucial mistakes, but that three is what sent it in to overtime. It could be that in fourth quarter situations, the Heat struggle, but a second wind in over time is what might make them deadly. Just my take on it anyway.

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Ok, he was hot tonight, and

Ok, he was hot tonight, and he did make big plays in the clutch, but it was all isolations! What if this was the Levron from game 3 that was off, he would not have made one of the difficult shots he made. Doc Rivers designed amazing plays, and they may have won in regulation if it had not been for Rondo's missed layup

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the final possession for

the final possession for boston looked like KG and Ray Allen were confused about who was going to set the screen, excellent defense by lebron on the play ... would have liked to see boston make a stronger effort to get the ball out of lebron or wades hands or at least deny lebrons catches a little while he was playing off the ball

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"dwayne could barelly walk"

The same thing happened to Lebron James's mom

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