Who lands Kenyon Martin?

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Who lands Kenyon Martin?

Kenyon Martin upset he can't get NBA job


He will sign for vet. min.

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No top team needs another PF,

No top team needs another PF, no rebuilding team is interested in signing a vet when they're not going anywhere, no middle of the road team needs a player that won't get them over the hump.

He's pretty much useless at this stage of his career.

Maybe the Nuggets? With Love injured, the Wolves?

Can't think of anybody else that would want him

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I don't think MN

MN already has Admundson and Stiesma and both are defense first guys so I don't imagine that they would want to pick up Kenyon. The Nugs could use him and he should offer to play there for free after fleecing them out of $90 million. I think the Lakers could use some of his defensive intensity but put him and Metta on the same floor and they'll end up fighting each other.

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He will definitely land

He will definitely land somewhere, but where? Obviously teams didn't want to pay him more than the minimum so that's why he never landed a role, but now that he is willing who offers it too him?

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Heat ? Its always good to have vet bigman who can give you solid 15-20 mins of the bench..I think he will sign for some contender

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I heard boston was interested

I heard boston was interested before the year but martin said he wouldn't play for the veterens min... I'm not sure if they have any room now that they added darko, but it would seem to make sense from a basketball standpoint to me

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they need some kind of interior big...and he is bigger than anyone else they can put in right now

when rashard lewis is playing center, you know you need some bigs. heat also look terrible on the glass, they should definitely look into it. i thought he played pretty well last year in the playoffs.

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