Who gets drafted?

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Who gets drafted?
  • Alex Tyus (Florida SR)
  • Bismack Biyombo (Intl)
  • Jon Diebler (Ohio State SR)
  • Cris Wright (Dayton SR)
  • Pablo Aguilar (Intl)
  • Justin Brownlee (St. Johns SR)
  • Sam Muldrow
  • Kalin Lucas (Michigan State SR)
  • Durrell Summers (Michigan State SR)
  • Brad Wanamaker (Pitt SR)
  • Jamine Peterson (Intl)
  • Jeremy Hazell (Seton Hall SR)
  • E'twaunn Moore (Purdue SR)
  • Cam Long (George Mason SR)
  • Dwight Hardy (St. Johns SR)
  • Ben Hansbrough (Notre Dame SR)
  • Rick Jackson (Syracuse SR)

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only 5 from dat list



3.Cam Long



Rick Jackson might not get drafted but i think he has a chance to be a nba plyer , after he spend about 2 years overseas or in the D-League to improve his footwork...

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kalin lucas, durrell summers,

kalin lucas, durrell summers, etwaun moore, rick jackson

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I think Jamine Peterson will

I think Jamine Peterson will definitely get drafted. He left Providence last year but anyone that saw him play knows how much skill this kid has; 6-6 with the strength of a strong PF and elite athleticism, and he averaged 19.6 points and 10.2 boards (and almost 2 threes a game) as a sophomore in the Big East...

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Iman Shumpert

Will he get drafted?

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Summers, Moore, and I hope

Summers, Moore, and I hope Hazell he is an amazing scorer when healthy

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I think Jackson will, I think

I think Jackson will, I think someone will take Lucas for sure. Ben Hansbrough sucks (or he will in the NBA), he better not get drafted. I would rather have Hardy then him.

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I think they would be crazy to sleep on Brownlee

Brownlee is a 6'7 forward, with a 7"0 wing span... can handle the rock under pressure full court. Has a silky smooth pass game. He is very exposive going to the basket and able to finish with both hands. he also has a nice mid range jumper. He is a big man night mare, not only can he take them off the dribble, he can easily square them up for the jay. He is the most athleticism out of this bunch, and has the most potential to develop in the league. here is the link scroll down and watch for yourself he is the truth.

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