Who to draft?

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Who to draft?

The Timberwolves are locked on Wesley Johnson at 4. Unless they trade for Turner. But who should they draft at 16th and 23rd? I was thinking Udoh at 16 but no one knows if he is legitimetly 23 or not, he looks older but you never know because of how Oden looks. If Whiteside or Henry are available at 16 i say get one of them. Only get Henry if we dont get Turner. At 23rd I'm thinking Larry Sanders, Devin Ebanks, or Eric Bledsoe to back up Flynn because Sessions will be gone after this year and Rubio will leave MN when he comes back.

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I think Sanders could be a

I think Sanders could be a good value pick. He is still relativaly new to the game so he could get a lot better.

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I think he would be a steal at 16. He probably won't fall much farther. He had to create everything for himself at Baylor, but he was still productive. His skill level is extremely high.

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Draft The Guys Phillly wants

Cousins, Henry/Babbit or George @ 16 and Whiteside, Sanders or Hayward @ 23...A Center and 2 shooters on the wings...Then we might throw you Turner....I'd love to get Cousins,Henry and 1 more quality guy at 23...I might Trdae Turner if it all work out perfectly...WQith Cousins and Henry both there at 4 and 16...and someone like Babbit to fall around 23(Not gonna happen so I'll take Hayward...and if Whiteside is here take him and see what he's got...2 centers are better one...offense/defense thing...If Whiteside is better than Advertised...I'd shop Cousins for a few more picks and players...Like Memphis's 12th/25th and 27th picks and Mike Conley(I'd love Marc Gasol?Just keep the 25th and 27th and Conley)...for Cousins and Lou Williams...

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The Wolves have a lot of

The Wolves have a lot of picks, I think drafting a Euro guy with high upside at #23 would make a lot of sense. Kevin Seraphin or Ryan Richards would make sense there especially because of the unknown future of Al Jefferson and Darko in Minni. The Wolves could draft Cousins at 4, but I think Wes Johnson would be a better fit, unless they were able to find a way to get Paul George at #16, but I have a feeling he'll be gone by then.

Johnson at #4, a guy like Udoh would be good at #16, and an international big man at #23 is what I think would be a good 1st round.

If they could trade up for Paul George this scenario would be very good for them, but like most fan proposed trades( they never happen) BUT

Cousins at #4, trade #16 up for Paul George, and draft a guy like Damien James at #23 to provide energy off the bench.

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