Who do you want?

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Who do you want?

My idea was to put stats for two players and see who you would rather have. Mainly wanted to do this to see what you guys could come up with, but I gave two examples of 4 players projected in first round this year. I'm guessing most of you will easily figure out who they are.

6'6 225 SF - 18.8 pts 5 reb .496 fga
6'8 240 SF- 14.5pts 6.5 rebs .649fga

7'1 240 C- 14.4 pts 8.8 rebs 27 blks
7'0 205 C- 13.9 pts 8.7 rebs 10 blks

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I want Shabazz and Len.

I want Shabazz and Len. I really like Poythress also, but not Austin.

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Before I thought about who

Before I thought about who they might be, I picked Poythress because of his high FG% and Len because everything was better than the other choice lol

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