Who do you hope your teams draft?

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Who do you hope your teams draft?

Just wondering who all you guys are hoping to get with the picks your team currently has and draft positions as it is atm. Just doing the first round.

I know I used to word 'hope' but please be realistic, for example my team is the Cavs, so it would be ridiculous to say with pick 19 they draft Bennet.

I know the draft isn;t always rational, but let's pretend it is. After Miles Plumlee got draft in the first round by the Pacers I have a hard time relating NBA draft and rational hahaha.

I'll kick things off;

Pick 3- Porter. It is no secret Cavs have a major hole at SF. Miles is more of a chucker, way to streaky and cannot influence the game other then throwing up shots. As much as I love Gee, I think he is best suited to explode off the bench. Have really warmed up to porter. I am really liking the Deng comparison. To me Porter will never be a 1st option. More of a 2nd and even 3rd option (Irving and Waiters being 1 and 2). Might make an all star team here or there but not dominating. But there is nothing wrong with that, you don;t always have to draft a guy to be a star. Perfect fit in Cleveland, already have scorers in Irving and Waiters, so don't going to be asked to drop 18 a game in his first year, but just to provide his all round game. Think he has the potential be a good defender too and be a glue guy here in Cleveland.

Pick 19 -I have Adams here. This guy is a sleeper for me. Heaps of people have him going around this spot as it stands. He could improve his stock as the draft comes closer up. Cavs also have picks 31 and 33, and are not looking to take in 4 rookies. Expect Cavs to package the picks on draft night like last year, and if Adams stock improves they will be able to nap him. I am not sold on Tyler Zeller as a future starting Center. He just seems to passive, soft and not willing to go inside. Adams is so tall at over 7ft and a good athlete. He has the capacity to be a great rebounder. One of the best prospects on the offensive glass. I cannot help but think about Thompson and Adams wreaking havoc on the offensive glass and driving teams nuts.

To me this is Cavs final year in the rebuilding/OKC draft mold. They won't be this high in the lotto next year, well I hope not anyway and if they can really draft well as OKC did they have the potential to be very very good.

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The heat don't have a pick

The heat don't have a pick but I hope they can buy a second rounder and pick up Kenny Kadji on a non guarenteed deal, I think he would fit into our system great and he isn't a highly sought after prospect so I feal its realistic.

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I'm hoping Shabazz falls to

I'm hoping Shabazz falls to the wizards. Just thinking about Wall with an improving jumper starting the break with Beal and Bazz spotting up makes me excited. Also nene is good passer for a big and will find his shooters. Also hoping that the "Holland holds his players back" is true for Bazz and he ends up being a star.

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I hope the suns with their

I hope the suns with their first pick can end up with either Noel or oladipo. Mclemore or porter wouldn't be bad either.

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For the jazz

Dennis Schroeder at 14 assuming we dont move up. Giannis (the dude that plays for Greece) at 21 or if he is gone and we didnt get schroeder reach for Kabongo and with our second rounder Brandon Davies.

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I agree, but...

I'd still prefer McCollum at 14 if we can't trade up for Trey Burke or MCW. The organization has said they like him and as a scoring guard he wouldn't be much of a change from Burks or Mo. Giannis at 21 would be awesome, an instant upgrade over Marvin Williams, but I honestly think after pre-draft workouts his stock will rise into the late lottery/late teens if not top 10 (like Bismack). If he's gone I'll want them to take whichever big man falls: Gobert, Adams, Withey, maybe reach for Nogueira or trade down and hope Dieng is still there. So McCollum and big man in the first, then a wing with the 2nd rounder. Rodney Williams, Adonis Thomas, or Solomon Hill would be good projects to develop off the bench. I'd be happy with McCollum, Gobert & Williams, though I'd ideally like them to trade up for Burke.

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I agree with on the 21st and

I agree with you on the 21st and 2nd round pick. Although i disagree I think Schroeder is a better fit. I also believe he will be a better pro player than McCollum. I also believe Schroeder has the most potential of any PG in the draft and would love the Jazz to get him.

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I would like for the Cavs to

I would like for the Cavs to draft Oladipo. I think Porter is the most typical SF, but Oladipos defense and hustle will be infectious.

Also would like the Thunder a nice solid big guy. Dieng, Plumlee, Olynyk, Zeller, or even Withey. Jury is still out on Zeller, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Thunder packaged the pick along with Perkins, Perry Jones or Lamb to grab another center. Varejao or Gortat?

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Bobcats,trade the pick if we

Bobcats,trade the pick if we are selecting 2nd to phoenix , for their two first round draft picks.

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I say draft Porter and call it a wrap

Porter would be a great addition to the core of Kyrie, Waiters, Thompson and Zeller adding any more could create problems down the line therefore trading the Cavs' second first round pick for a steady/experienced tutor for Porter should be a viable option but if Adams is available I'd keep the pick. Heck, I'd even consider having Oladipo and Waiters sharing the shooting guard spot and then grabbing a small forward in the next draft if Porter is off the board as he'll get his fair share of admirers.

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Mavs fan here Assuming no

Mavs fan here
Assuming no major surprise in the draft (like Zeller or Bazz falling) I would say I want one of Dario Saric ,Kentavious Caldwell-PopeRudy Gobert or Giannis ,long list I know
PS:I don't want the Mavs to draft a PG ,we have drafted many b4 and I will feel bad for whoever PG we are gonna draft tbh
With the 44th pick I want Arsalan Kazemi ,a gr8 rebounder and hustle player ,I like those type of players

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9-CJ McCollum- We have rubio and shved who can handle the ball and guard 2s or we can just play small with him or play him at the point, either way he fits nicely with the team.
26-Giannis Antetokounmpo, that is who chad ford has us taking, he is worth the risk at 26 or they should go for a guy like dieng, withy or adams we need a back up center and all of those guys would work.
53- Any european to stash would work here too, our team is pretty young or a SF or PF/C depending on who we got at 26. A guy like rodney williams would be fine or mike muscala or any other center available then
59-any european who can stay over there and develop because this late in the draft with 3 picks already taken they dont really need anyone to make an impact this year.

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Another MN Fan

I agree with CJ McCollum, he is a good shooter and just scorer. I am hoping if he falls to MN he can continue the trend (Curry, Lilliard).

And if we don't select a Euro prospect I hope we trade the 26th pick for a proven player, and maybe inlcude JJ or Luke in the deal. But I supose it all depends on how their first pick goes. All I know is MN NEEDS a SG!

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yes, also Sergey Karasev at

yes, also Sergey Karasev at 26 would be a nice fit too he can shoot and he can play either wing position depending on whether budinger and/or kirilenko come back. He would be a nice fit to plug in and worst case they get a solid bench shooter so it is a safe pick or they can package the pick a long with berea or ridnour and move up to ensure they get him or Giannias. Then they have to decide what they are doing with pekovic. They have some options with what they can do in the draft to get the 2 or 3 players they like/need which is good because this is a draft where it is better to get a guy that fits your team because there isnt that much difference between the 10th pick and the 25th pick.

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lukestein13 : At this point

lukestein13 : At this point in the process I agree with your picks for the Jazz, Schroder is quick, fast, good handles, good defender (which we need), very long , decent offense player and seems to be good at getting his teammate the ball. To me Giannis would be a good pick at 21 as he seems to be a player that will get his teammates involved (unselfish,good passer), he is long , very good handles for his size, decent offensively, decent defensively , only 18 yrs old and big upside/potential. To me the Jazz need a point guard for the future and Schroder looks like he could fill that spot, they also need a long athletic 3 who can create for himself and others, like a Hayward but longer, (Haywards is best at the 2), Giannis looks like he could fill that spot, the other need IMO would be a big (with Milsap and Big Al most likely gone) and Davies is more talented than alot of people realize and could be a good fit with the Jazz.
Shane Larkin would be a possiblity at the point but he is real short and doesn't have long arms but he is very good offensively, defense looks like it could be a problem though.

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I'm hoping draft day ends up

I'm hoping draft day ends up how the site predicts it to, as I would love for Shabbaz to fall to the Blazers. Say what you want about him not being the "real deal" but I'm confident he's going to be a better NBA player than college player. Plus, when you've got the worst bench in basketball, you could use all the firepower you can find.

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We have a lot question going forward, but let's assume Teague returns on a 1 qualifying offer, we can scratch pg and pf from our list off needs for now. I think we target a center so Horford can play the 4 and that we go for a wing, more likely a sf since Lou Will and Jenkins can man the 2.

#17-C-Rudy Gobert- Based on his ratings on here, hes very athletic, has size (needs weight, shows potential), good defender and has a decent jumper for a big man. I would like to pair him with Horford.

#18-SF- Giannis Adetokoubo- Dude is getting a lot of love on here. I don't know much about him, but you guys cant all be wrong can you????

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My first choice is Oladipo, then Mclemore. Not completely sold on Noel.

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Grizzlies: 41: Best center


41: Best center available. We need a backup big man to Marc Gasol. Kenny Kadji is a guy I would look at or Mike Muscala.

55: Backup guard to run with Bayless, Tony Wroten, and Q Pon. I like Peyton Siva or Seth Curry here.

60: DJ Stephens: We need some help at the backup 3 spot and I think Stephens could play here. Great athlete and shot blocker too. Can also rebound fairly well.

This is my list:

Kenny Kadji
Mike Muscala
Peyton Siva
Seth Curry
DJ Stephens
PJ Hairston
Christian Watford
Adonis Thomas

Bigs are at the top of my list for the 41st spot, but I really want to come out of the draft with either Peyton Siva or Seth Curry. Curry and Wroten would be a cool backcourt. As would Siva and Wroten (can't shoot though).

The Grizzlies need a backup center who can block shots first, then shooters, then depth at small forward. With 3 picks hopefully we can address each need.

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Phoenix - 4th pick I'll

Phoenix - 4th pick

I'll assume McLemore has gone so I'd be happy with either Otto Porter or Cody Zeller. Porter would fill the role that Shawn Marion did well for a number of years and then Grant Hill assumed. With Zeller, he may not have the upside of other bigs but he isn't injured and could well be a solid NBA player for a decade. With Phoenix being in long term rebuild, I'd rather take a safe pick now and hope for one of the elite guys next year.

30th pick

If we take Porter at 4, I'd happily take the best available big at 30 if Adams or Withey was still on the board, if not and if we draft a big at 4, I'd reach for Archie Goodwin as an upside pick.

57th pick

Ryan Kelly from Duke may not have a huge amount of upside but you could do worse than someone who Coach K was worked with for 4 years.

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As time has progressed I have been leaning further and further from Noel and closer to Porter. Regardless of if they win the lottery I hope they take Porter. Something about his game just catches my eye and I think he is a perfect fit for the Cavs. However, its been said that Porter is 2nd on the Cavs list. I assume Noel is 1st.

With the 19th pick I think they should take the best defensive center available...whether it be Gobert, Dieng, Adams, Whithey, etc. Whoever the front office believes can bring some rim protection. I'm trying to be patient with Zeller but he showed no improvement over the course of the season, and its really becoming frustrating. I just don't see his soft, 17 ft jumper mentality bringing the Cavs closer to a championship. His one bright spot was his ability to draw offensive fouls.

The remaining 2 picks should either be packaged to move up or packaged to bring a veteran. Although, I wouldn't mind if the Cavs swooped DeShaun Thomas with one of their second rounders.

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I know Varejao is injury prone but he did fantastic for us at Center. With #3 I would love to see Porter. Id package 19,31,33 similar to last year and see if we can move up to 13-14 if Mccollum drops. Caldwell-Pope looks like a great option as well. Mike Brown will improve Team defense, we need additional scoring options.

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Suns Fan here and I'm not

Suns Fan here and I'm not sold on Kendal Marshall and Goran is better served as a 6th man or two guard so I really hope they draft Trey Burke is possible. In reality they aren't targeting a point guard so Mclamore would be perfect in fitting a need and big upside same with Porter. I would be very disappointed with Zeller or Bennett. Noel would also be a great fit based on need an our medical staff.

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Magic Fan: I am in the

Magic Fan: I am in the minority but i hope we take shabazz muhammad with whatever pick we get. I think in a draft with no clear cut #1 guy. You just gotta take the guy who has more upside or talent. Plus the magic need a go to scorer badly

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It's hard to say who the Bucks should take, because I have no idea what their roster will look like next year. But around 15, I'd love to end up with Michael Carter-Williams or Giannis Adetokunbo. Or if he miraculously drops to 15, I'd happily take someone like Shabazz, but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

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Even though at this point I

Even though at this point I like Schroder and Larkin for the Jazz choice at the point, another point that may end up being just as good (?) is Kabongo, he is long, good handles, a pass first point , decent offense, I wish he had more games under his belt from this last yr but it is what it is, work outs with Schroder, Larkin, Kabongo etc , in the same work out would be very interesting to see who shines.

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Cleveland Cavaliers

3rd overall pick - Select Cody Zeller with the third overall pick. Unlike other Cavalier fans, I'm a big fan of his game. He's only 20 and is considered the best out of his three brothers. Not a rim protector but has a fantastic back to the basket game. Marreese is not part of our future plans so Zeller could be our sixth man.

19th overall pick - Best big man rim protector available here. I like Gorgui Dieng and Lucas Nogueira. I'd be thrilled with any of these two big men. The type of rim protectors we desperately need. Jeff Whitey would be fantastic as well.

31st and 33rd overall pick - Trade up for Dennis Shroder or Myck Kabongo. We need a backup point guard and the future of Shaun Livingston in our roster is not certain at this time. Kabongo is a great player and likes to set his teammates up.

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Bulls can

I really want Jeff Withey or Steven Adams with our first rounder and then Ricky Ledo (if still available) in the 2nd. If Ledo is off the board I would love to see the Bulls take a shot on Michael Snaer. Have a feeling he could be a Kieth Bogans like 2. Also would like any of the following in round 2 (in no particular order): Grant Jerrett, James Southerland, Vander Blue, Arzlan Kazemi$'

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Best available SF

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Bulls fan. 1st round- Withey

Bulls fan.

1st round- Withey or Caldwell-Pope. Probably Withey.

2nd round- If we go Withey in the first round then I'd love Ricardo Ledo, Vander Blue or Snaer.

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